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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2 D SESS.-CH. 529-JULY 1, 1946 including cooperation with Federal, State, county, or other agencies or with farm bureaus, organizations, or individuals, as follows: General administrative expenses: For general administrative pur- poses, including personal services in the District of Columbia, $265,000, of which sum $35,000 shall be available for printing and binding, including the purchase of reprints of scientific and technical articles published in periodicals and journals and the publication of bulletins which shall be adapted to the interests of the people of the different sections of the country, an equal proportion of four-fifths of the bulletins to be delivered to or sent out under addressed franks furnished by the Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Con- gress, as they may direct. Propagation of food fishes: For maintenance, repair, alteration. improvement, equipment, and operation of fish-cultural stations, including the erection of necessary buildings and other structures; propagation and distribution of food fishes and fresh-water mussels; development, recommendation, and application of means, including the construction of devices, to assure natural propagation and maxi- mum survival of hatchery and other fishes; purchase, collection, and transportation of specimens and other expenses incidental to the maintenance and operation of aquarium, $1,413,350. Operation and maintenance of fish screens: For operation and maintenance, in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or either, of fish screens and ladders on Federal irrigation projects, and for the conduct of investigations and surveys, the preparation of designs, and for determining the requirements for fishways and other fish protective devices at dams constructed under licenses issued by the Federal Power Commission, $32,375. Investigations respecting food fishes: For investigations and studies into the cause of the decrease of food fishes, and other aquatic and plant resources, in connection therewith, and of means of secur- ing a maximum sustained yield from such resources; and maintenance, repair, improvement, equipment, and operation of fishery-experiment and biological stations, $724,440. Commercial fisheries: For collection and compilation of fishery statistics and related information; conducting investigations and studies of methods and means of capture, preservation, utilization, and distribution of fish and aquatic plants and products thereof, including investigation, study and research with respect to the utili- Packed Bardine. zation of packed sardines and the development of methods and pro- cedures which should be employed in improving the quality and appearance of packed sardines; maintenance, repair, alteration, improvement, equipment, and operation of laboratories and vessels; and enforcing the applicable provisions of the Act authorizing asso- ciations of producers of aquatic products (15 U. S . C. 521); including 48 Stat- 1213- contract stenographic reporting services, $360,000. Fishery market news service: For collecting, publishing, and dis- tributing, by telegraph, mail, or otherwise, information on the fishery industry, market supply and demand, commercial movement, location, disposition, and market prices of fishery products, $125,000. Alaska fisheries: For protecting the seal, sea otter, and other fisheries of Alaska, including the furnishing of food, fuel, clothing and other necessities of life to the natives of the Pribilof Islands of Alaska; construction, improvement, repair, and alteration of build- ings and roads, and susbsistence of employees while on said islands; and contract stenographic reporting service, $819,307, of which $100,000 shall be available immediately. 379