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PUBLIC LAWS-OH. 532- -JULY 1, 1946 " Creditor. " U. S . agency hold- ing securities. "Security affected by the plan. " Numberandgender. Petition for compo- sition of debts. Filing fee. List of known cred- tors. Order of approval or dismissal. Obligations repre- sented by securities, etc. "The term 'creditor' means the holder of a security or securities. "Any agency of the United States holding securities acquired pur- suant to contract with any petitioner under this chapter shall be deemed a creditor in the amount of the full face value thereof. "The term 'security affected by the plan' means a security as to which the rights of its holder are proposed to be adjusted or modified materially by the consummation of a composition agreement. "The singular number includes the plural and the masculine gender the feminine. "SEC. 83. (a) Any petitioner may file a petition hereunder stating that the petitioner is insolvent or unable to meet its debts as they mature and that it desires to effect a plan for the composition of its debts. The petition shall be filed with the court in whose territorial jurisdiction the petitioner or the major part thereof is located, and, in the case of any unincorporated tax or special-assessment district having no officials of its own, the petition may be filed by its governing authority or the board or body having authority to levy taxes or assess- ments to meet the obligations to be affected by the plan of composition. The petition shall be accompanied by payment to the clerk of a filing fee of $100, which shall be in lieu of the fees required to be collected by the clerk under other applicable chapters of this title, as amended. The petition shall state that a plan of composition has been prepared, is filed and submitted with the petition, and that creditors of the petitioner owning not less than 51 per centum in amount of the securi- ties affected by the plan (excluding, however, any such securities owned, held, or controlled by the petitioner) have accepted it in writing. There shall be filed with the petition a list of all known creditors of the petitioner, together with their addresses so far as known to petitioner, and description of their respective securities showing separately those who have accepted the plan of composition, together with their separate addresses, the contents of which list shall not con- stitute admissions by the petitioner in a proceeding under this chapter or otherwise. Upon the filing of such a petition the judge shall enter an order either approving it as properly filed under this chapter, if satisfied that such petition complies with this chapter and has been filed in good faith, or dismissing it, if not so satisfied. "Whenever the petition seeks to effect a plan for the composition of obligations represented by securities, or evidences in any form of rights to payment, issued by the petitioner to defray the cost of local improvements and which are payable solely out of the proceeds of special assessments or special taxes levied by the petitioner, or issued by the petitioner to finance one or more revenue-producing enterprises payable solely out of the revenues of such enterprise or enterprises, it shall be sufficient if the petitioner aver that the property liable for, or the revenues pledged to the payment of such securities, principal, and interest is not of sufficient value, or that the revenues of the enter- prise or enterprises are inadequate to pay same, and that the accrued interest on such securities is past due and in default; and the list of creditors to be filed with such petition need contain only the known claimants of rights based on those securities evidencing the obliga- tions sought to be composed under this chapter, and such list shall include separately the names and addresses of those creditors who have accepted the plan of composition. If the plan of composition sought to be effected requires a revision of assessments so that the proportion of special assessments or special taxes to be assessed against some of the lands will be different from the proportion in effect at the time the petition is filed, a list of the record owners or holders of title, legal or equitable, to any real estate adversely affected in the 410 [60 STAT.