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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 538, 539-JULY 3, 1946 Sites and buildings. Plans and specifica- tions. laboratory buildings and facilities, and such buildings and facilities shall be known as the National Institute of Mental Health. The Federal Works Administrator is authorized to acquire, by purchase, condemnation, donation, or otherwise, a suitable and adequate site or sites, selected on the advice of the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service, in or near the District of Columbia for such buildings and facilities, and to erect thereon, furnish, and equip such buildings and facilities. The amount authorized to be appropriated in this sec- tion shall include the cost of preparation of drawings and specifica- tions, supervision of construction, and other administrative expenses incident to the work: Provided, That the Federal Works Agency shall prepare the plans and specifications, make all necessary contracts, and supervise construction. Approved July 3, 1946. [CHAPTER 539] July 3, 1946 []. R . 5244] [Public Law 488] Foreign Service. Authority to ap- point additional offi- cers. Post, P. 999. Commission. Salary. Eligibility for ap- pointment. 50 U. S. C., Supp. V, app. § 1471. Post, pp. 905, 945. AN ACT To authorize the appointment of additional Foreign Service officers in the classified grades. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is authorized under the provisions of this Act to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, not to exceed two hundred and fifty persons to positions as Foreign Service officers. Each such appointment shall be by commission to a classified grade and shall be in addition to all other appointments of Foreign Service officers. SEC. 2 . A person appointed under this Act may, under such reg- ulations as the Board of Foreign Service Personnel for the Foreign Service may prescribe, be commissioned as a Foreign Service officer of any classified grade, depending upon his age, experience, and ability. Upon appointment, any such Foreign Service officer shall receive the lowest basic salary of the classified grade to which he or she is appointed. SEC. 3 . No person shall be eligible for appointment as a Foreign Service officer under this Act unless he or she- (a) is an American citizen and has been such at least fifteen years; and (b) has served (1) in the active military or naval service of the United States on or after September 16, 1940, and has been separated or released therefrom under honorable conditions after active service of ninety days or more, or by reason of an injury or disability incurred in service in line of duty, or (2) in the merchant marine as such service is defined by section 1 of the Act of June 23, 1943 (57 Stat. 162; 50 U. S . C. 1471), or (3) since December 7, 1941, for not less than two years in a posi- tion or positions of responsibility as an officer or employee of the legislative, executive, or judicial branches of the United States Government, or of any corporation, wholly or partly owned by the United States, which is an instrumentality of the United States, whose service and experience can qualify him or her as a Foreign Service officer; and (c) has been designated by the Secretary of State as a candi- date for examination for appointment as a Foreign Service officer and has passed such examination as the Secretary may prescribe; and (d) was at least thirty-one years of age at the time of application. 426 [60 STAT.