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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 541-JULY 5, 1946 contract without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S. C. 5); communications services, including the rental of Pot, p.s9. tie lines; purchase or rental, maintenance, and operation of printing machines, and the transportation thereof without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes; purchase and presentation of various Objects for I objects of a cultural nature suitable for presentation (through diplo- erments. matic and consular offices) to foreign governments, schools, or other cultural or patriotic organizations, the purchase, rental, distribu- tion, and operation of motion-picture projection equipment and supplies, including rental of halls, hire of motion-picture projector operators, and all other necessary services by contract or otherwise without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes; purchase and 41U. . C.§ exchange of books, maps, and periodicals, domestic and foreign, and, Bootks, peric when authorized by the Secretary of State, dues for library member- etc- ship in societies or associations which issue publications to members only, or at a price to members lower than to subscribers who are not members, newspapers, teletype rentals, and tolls (not to exceed Teletype $525,000); maintenance, and repair of motortrucks and motor- an tolls propelled passenger-carrying vehicles; streetcar fare; traveling Traveling exi expenses, including not to exceed $30,000 for expenses of attendance at meetings concerned with the work of the Department of State when authorized by the Secretary of State; transportation and other Transportati( necessary expenses in accordance with the Standardized Government Travel Regulations, refund of fees erroneously charged and paid for Refund of the issue of passports as authorized by law (22 U. S . C . 214a); and the 44 Stat. 887. examination of estimates of appropriations in the field; $10,221,221: Provided, That not to exceed $3,000 of this appropriation may Foreign-trade be expended for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions ofmts section 4 of the Act entitled "An Act to amend the Tariff Act of 48 Stat. 94 Slat. 411. 1930", approved June 12, 1934, as amended (54 Stat. 107; Act of 19 U. .C. July 5, 1945, Public Law 130), this sum to be available in addition 13is p 52.S to the other authorized purposes of this appropriation for steno- graphic reporting services by contract if deemed necessary, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, and such other expenses 4Po Sp. C . as the President may deem necessary: Provided further, That not- Contractsfor international withstanding the provisions of section 3679 of the Revised Statutes wave radio stat (31 U. S. C. 665), the Department of State is authorized in making 3a U.S. C ., contracts for the use of international short-wave radio stations and facilities, to agree on behalf of the United States to indemnify the owners and operators of said radio stations and facilities from such funds as may be hereafter appropriated for the purpose, against loss or damage on account of injury to persons or property arising from such use of said radio stations and facilities. Cost of handling penalty mail, Department of State: For deposit in the general fund of the Treasury for cost of penalty mail of the Department of State as required by section 2 of the Act of June 28, 39uat . c., 1944 (Public Law 364), $85,000. v ig321d. Printing and binding: For all printing and binding in the Depart- ing. mg ment of State, including all of its bureaus, offices, institutions, and services, located in Washington, District of Columbia, and elsewhere, $1,433,900: Provided, That printing and binding outside the conti- nental limits of the United States shall be without regard to section 11 tat. of the Act of March 1, 1919 (44 U. S. C. 111). Passport agencies: For salaries and expenses of maintenance, rent, and travel not to exceed $500, for not to exceed five passport agencies, $82,500. Collecting and editing official papers of Territories of the United States: For the expenses of collecting, editing, copying, and arrang- ing for publication the official papers of the Territories of the United States, including personal services in the District of Columbia and 447 presen- n gov- 5. idicals, rentals penses. n, etc. certain agree- 5; 59 1 1354, ji 1354, 5. use of short- ions. Supp. Supp. bind-