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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 541-JULY 5, 1946 under the caption "Foreign Service" in the Department of State Appropriation Act. The exchange of funds for payment of expenses in connection with the operation of diplomatic and consular establishments abroad shall not be subject to the provisions of section 3651 of the Revised Statutes (31 U.S.C . 543). INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS United States contributions to international commissions, con- gresses, and bureaus: For payment of the annual contributions, quotas, and expenses, including loss by exchange in discharge of the obliga- tions of the United States in connection with international commis- sions, congresses, bureaus, and other objects, in not to exceed the respective amounts as follows: Pan American Union, $377,662, including not to exceed $20,000 for printing and binding; participation by the United States in the work of the Bureau of Interparliamentary Union for Promotion of International Arbitration, as authorized by Public Law 170, approved June 28, 1935, $20,000; Pan American Sanitary Bureau, $63,584.35; Bureau of International Telecommuni- cation Union, Radio Section, $8,215; Inter-American Radio Office, $6,377.50; Government of Panama, $430,000; International Hydro- graphic Bureau, $9,147.60; International Bureau for Protection of Industrial Property, $2,490.08; Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, $50,000; American International Institute for the Protection of Childhood, $2,000; International Map of the World on the Millionth Scale, $50; International Penal and Penitentiary Commission, $4,922; International Labor Organization, $497,000; Implementing the Nar- cotics Convention of 1931, $15,681.60; International Council of Scien- tific Unions and Associated Unions, as follows: International Council of Scientific Unions, $32.67; International Astronomical Union, $1,045.44; International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, $3,920.40; International Scientific Radio Union, $392.04; in all, $5,390.55; Pan American Institute of Geography and History, $10,000; Inter- American Coffee Board, $8,000; Inter-American Indian Institute, $4,800; Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, $158,960.89; Inter-American Statistical Institute, $31,792.17; Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee, or its successor, $23,000; Cape Spartel and Tangier Light, Coast of Morocco, $800; Inter- national Bureau of Permanent Court of Arbitration, $1,722.57; and participation by the United States in the Emergency Advisory Com- mittee for Political Defense, as authorized by Public Law 80, approved June 19, 1943, $105,519; International Bureau of Weights and Measures, $7,350.75; International Technical Committee of Aerial Legal Experts, $326.70; International Office of Public Health, $5,104.68; International Statistical Bureau at The Hague, $2,500; International Bureau for Publication of Customs Tariffs, $2,232.53; and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, $1,250,000; in all, $3,104,631, together with such additional sums, due to increase in rates of exchange as the Secretary of State may determine and certify to the Secretary of the Treasury to be necessary to pay, in foreign currencies, the quotas and contributions required by the several treaties, conventions, or laws establishing the amount of the obligation. United States participation in United Nations: For all necessary expenses authorized by section 7 of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 incident to the participation by the United States in the United Nations pursuant to the provisions of said Act, including attendance at meetings of societies or associations concerned with the work of the United Nations; hire, maintenance, operation, and 453 Exchange of funds. Post, p. a61. Pan American Union. 49 Stat. 425. 22U.S.C.II276, 276a. International Labor Organization. 48 Stat. 1543 . International Coun- cil of Scientific Unions, etc. 57 Stat. 159 . Additional sums due to increased rates of exchange. Participation in United Nations. Post, p. 621 . 59 Stat. 621 . 22 U. S. C., 8upp. V, I 287e.