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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 541-JULY 5, 1946 International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada and Alaska and Canada: To enable the President to perform the obliga- tions of the United States under the treaty between the United States 44 Stat. 2102. and Great Britain in respect to Canada, signed February 24, 1925; for salaries and expenses, including the salary of the Commissioner and salaries of the necessary engineers, clerks, and other employees for duty at the seat of government and in the field; necessary traveling expenses; commutation of subsistence to employees while on field duty, not to exceed $4 per day each, but not to exceed $2 per day each when a member of a field party and subsisting in camp; for payment for timber necessarily cut in keeping the boundary line clear, not to exceed Demarcation of $500; for purchase of books of reference; and for all other necessary boundary line and reasonable expenses incurred by the United States in maintaining an effective demarcation of the international boundary line between the United States and Canada, and Alaska and Canada under the terms of the treaty aforesaid, including the completion of such remaining work as may be required under the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal and existing treaties between the United States and Great Britain and including the hire of freight- and passenger-carrying vehicles from temporary field employees, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of State, $49,000. snternationalJoint Salaries and expenses, International Joint Commission, United Commission, U S. and Canada. States and Canada: For salaries and expenses, including not to exceed $7,500 for the salary of one Commissioner on the part of the United States, who shall serve at the pleasure of the President (the other Commissioners to serve in that capacity without compensation there- for), and salaries of clerks and other employees appointed by the Com- missioners on the part of the United States, with the approval solely of the Secretary of State; for necessary traveling expenses, and for expenses incident to holding hearings and conferences at such places in Canada and the United States as shall be determined by the Com- mission or by the American Commissioners to be necessary, including traveling expense and compensation of necessary witnesses, making necessary transcript of testimony and proceedings; for cost of law- Joint epenses. books, books of reference, and periodicals; and for one-half of all reasonable and necessary joint expenses of the International Joint Commission incurred under the terms of the treaty between the United States and Great Britain concerning the use of boundary waters between the United States and Canada, and for other purposes, signed 36 Stat. 2448. January 11, 1909, $32,800, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of State. PO.S. .621. Special and technical investigations, International Joint Commis- sion, United States and Canada: For an additional amount for neces- sary special or technical investigations in connection with matters which fall within the scope of the jurisdiction of the International Joint Commission, including personal services in the District of Columbia or elsewhere, traveling expenses, procurement of technical and scientific equipment, and the purchase (not to exceed three pas- Transfer of funds. senger automobiles), hire, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor- propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles, $87,500, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of State, who is author- ized to transfer to any department or independent establishment of the Government, with the consent of the head thereof, any part of this amount for direct expenditure by such department or establishment for the purposes of this appropriation. International Fisheries Commission: For the share of the United States of the expenses of the International Fisheries Commission, under the convention between the United States and Canada, concluded 50Stat. 1351. January 29, 1937, including personal services, traveling expenses, 456 [60 STAT.