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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 541-JULY 5, 1946 Pos, p . 818. Temporary employ- ees. 42 Stat. 1488. 5U.8.C.§661; Supp. V, § 661 et seq. Ante, pp . 216,219. Travel in privately owned automobiles. Compilation of for- eign trade statistics. for the establishment of age of individuals shall be pursuant to regu- lations approved jointly by the Secretary and the Social Security Board. Compiling census reports and so forth: For salaries and expenses necessary for securing information for and compiling and publishing the census reports provided for by law, the collection, compilation, and periodic publication of statistics showing United States exports and imports; temporary employees at rates to be fixed by the Director of the Census without regard to the Classification Act; the cost of tran- scribing State, municipal, and other records; preparation of mono- graphs on census subjects and other work of specialized character by contract or otherwise; travel expenses, including not to exceed $4,000 for attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with the col- lection of statistics, when incurred on the written authority of the Secretary; reimbursement for actual cost of ferry fares and bridge, road, and tunnel tolls, and not to exceed 3 cents per mile for travel performed in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official posts of duty, of employees engaged in census enumeration or surveys; maintenance, pa, repair, and operation of five motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles; construction and repair of tabulating machines and other mechanical appliances, and the rental or purchase and exchange of necessary machinery, appliances, and supplies, includ- ing tabulating cards and continuous form tabulating paper; books of reference, periodicals, maps, newspapers (not exceeding $200), $12,000,000: Provided,That on and after October 1, 1946, all functions necessary to the compilation of foreign trade statistics shall be per- formed in New York, New York: Providedfurther,That not to exceed $950,000 shall be expended for this purpose. OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATOR OF CIVIL AERONAUTIrCS General administration, Office of the Administrator: For necessary expenses of the Office of Administrator of Civil Aeronautics in carry- 2 Stat. 973. ing out the provisions of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938, as 49U.S.C.§401It seq.; Supp. v, §§ 4sl, amended (49 U. S . C . 401), including personal services in the District p492, . 4. of Columbia and elsewhere; contract stenographic reporting services; not to exceed $14,000 for expenses of attendance at meetings of organ- izations concerned with aeronautics, when specifically authorized by Entertainment of the Administrator; newspapers (not exceeding $200); not to exceed foreign oicials. $5,000 for entertainment of officials in the field of aviation of other countries when specifically authorized and approved by the Adminis- trator; fees and mileage of expert and other witnesses; expenses of examination of estimates of appropriations in the field; purchase (not to exceed eight), hire, maintenance, repair, and operation of Transfer of funds. passenger automobiles; $4,353,102, of which $54,000 may be transferred Ante, p. 46. to the appropriation "Printing and binding, Department of Com- merce". Establishment of air-navigation facilities: For the acquisition and establishment by contract or purchase and hire of air-navigation facilities, including the equipment of additional civil airways for day and night flying; the construction of additional necessary lighting, radio, and other signaling and communicating structures and appara- tus; the alteration and modernization of existing air-navigation facili- ties; the acquisition of the necessary sites by lease or grant; personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; and hire, mainte- Transfer of facilities nance, repair, and operation of passenger automobiles, $19,622,200, and from War and Navy Departments. the War and Navy Departments are authorized, during the fiscal year 1947, to transfer without charge, subject to the approval of the 466 [60 STAT.