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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 541-JULY 5, 1946 31 Stat. 1449. 48 Stat. 552. Medical officers of Public Health Serv- ice. Supplies, etc. expenses of transporting publications of patents issued by the Patent Office to foreign governments; directories, furniture, filing cases;* maintenance, operation, and repair of passenger-carrying automo- biles; for investigating the question of public use or sale of inventions for one year or more prior to filing applications for patents, and such other questions arising in connection with applications for patents and the prior art as may be deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Patents; for expense attending defense of suits instituted against the Commissioner of Patents; for travel, including not to exceed $500 for attendance at meetings concerned with the work of the Patent Office, when incurred on the written authority of the Secretary; and for other contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the Patent Office; $147,000. Printing and binding: For printing the weekly issue of patents, designs, trade-marks, exclusive of illustrations; and for printing, engraving illustrations, and binding the Official Gazette, including weekly and annual indices, $875,000; for miscellaneous printing and binding, $77,000; in all, $952,000. NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS Salaries and expenses: For all salaries and expenses necessary in carrying out the provisions of the Act establishing the National Bureau of Standards, approved March 3, 1901 (5 U. S . C. 591, 597; 15 U. S . C . 271-278), and of Acts supplementary thereto affecting the functions of the Bureau and specifically including the functions as set forth under the Bureau of Standards in the "Department of Com- merce Appropriation Act, 1935", including personal services in the District of Columbia; rental of laboratories in the field, building of temporary experimental structures, communication service, transpor- tation service; travel, including not to exceed $4,500 for expenses of attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with standardiza- tion or research in science, when incurred on the written authority of the Secretary; streetcar fare not exceeding $100, expenses of the visit- ing committee, compensation and expenses of medical officers of the Public Health Service detailed to the National Bureau of Standards for the purpose of maintaining a first-aid station and making clinical observations; compiling and disseminating scientific and technical data; demonstrating the results of the Bureau's work by exhibits or otherwise as may be deemed most effective; purchases of supplies, materials, stationery electric power, fuel for heat, light, and power, and accessories of all kinds needed in the work of the Bureau, including supplies for office, laboratory, shop, and plant, and cleaning and toilet supplies, gloves, goggles, rubber boots and aprons; purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms for guards; operation, maintenance, and repair of a passenger automobile; purchases of equipment of all kinds, including its repair and exchange; periodicals and reference books, including their exchange; purchase of newspapers (not to exceed $25); and translation of technical articles: Operation and administration: For the general operation and administration of the Bureau; improvement and care of the grounds; plant equipment; necessary repairs and alterations to buildings; $630,000. Testing, inspection, and information service: For calibrating and certifying measuring instruments, apparatus, and standards in terms of the national standards; the preparation and distribution of stand- ard materials; the broadcasting of radio signals of standard fre- quency; the testing of equipment, materials, and supplies in connection with Government purchases; the improvement of methods of testing; advisory services to governmental agencies on scientific and 472 [60 STAT.