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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 543-JULY 8, 1946 living quarters of such officials), telegrams, radiograms, and cable- grams for the Navy Department and the naval service; postage, for- eign and domestic and post-office box rentals; microphotographic Interned persons services; necessary expenses for interned persons and prisoners of war under the jurisdiction of the Navy Department, including funeral expenses for such interned persons or prisoners of war as may die Damage clims while under such jurisdiction; payment of claims for damages as 41 Stat. 132 . 34 u. . S ., supp. provided in the Act approved July 11, 1919 (34 U. S . C . 600), and the V, 0not Act approved July 3, 1944 (46 U. S . C. 797), and for the payment of 58 Stat. 723. claims of civilian employees of the Naval Establishment as provided v,6 U. - . C. pp . in the Act approved October 27, 1943 (34 U. S . C. 984), which have 57Ptat. 582. not been or may be eligible for payment under the provisions of the 34U..S ., Supp. Act approved March 27, 1942 (15 U. S. C. 606b-2); and other neces- V, 1§ 984-980. 56 stat. 175. sary and incidental expenses; $13,844,000. 15 U. S. C., Supp. V, 06b -2. CONTINGENCIES OF THE NAVY For all emergencies and extraordinary expenses, exclusive of per- sonal services in the Navy Department or any of its subordinate bureaus or offices at the seat of government, arising at home or abroad, but impossible to be anticipated or classified, to be expended on the approval and authority of the Secretary, and his determination shall be final and conclusive upon the accounting officers of the Govern- ment, and for examination of estimates for appropriations and of naval activities in the field for any branch of the naval service, $100,000, of which $15,000 shall be immediately available. RESEARCH, NAVY For the encouragement, promotion, planning, initiation, coordina- tion, and conduct of naval research, experiment, test and develop- ment work; operation and maintenance, including upkeep of build- ings, grounds, and equipment, of naval research laboratories not otherwise provided for; additions to equipment; control of activities within or on behalf of the Department of the Navy relating to patents, inventions, trade-marks, copyrights, royalty payments, and matters connected therewith; purchase of reference books, newspapers, period- icals, apparatus, and necessary supplies for use in the District of Administrative ex- Columbia and in the field; $45,000,000: Provided, That not more than $2,000,000 may be expended for administrative expenses, exclusive of the Naval Research Laboratory. OPERATION AND CONSERVATION OF NAVAL PETROLEUM RESERVES To enable the Secretary to carry out the provisions contained in the 341Sat. 813.s Act approved June 4, 1920, as amended (34 U. S . C . 524), requiring 34 U. S. C., Stpp. v, 624. him to explore, prospect, conserve, develop, use, and operate the naval petroleum reserves, and to drill and equip exploratory wells in Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 4, $9.710,000, of which amount $9,600,000 shall remain available until July 1, 1950, for the exploration of Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 4 by contract as negotiated by the Secretary of the Navy: Provided,That out of any sums ap- propriated for naval purposes by this Act, any portion thereof, not to exceed $10,000,000, shall be available to enable the Secretary to pro- tert Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 1, by drilling wells and per- Agremernts with forming any work incident thereto: Provided further, That no part of the sum made available in the foregoing provision for the protec- tion of Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 1 shall be expended if satisfactory agreement or agreements can be made with owners of land within or adjoining said Reserve Numbered 1 not to drill wells for the purpose of producing oil or gas. 482 [60 STAT.