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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2n SESS.- CH. 543 -JULY 8, 1946 OCEAN AND LAKE SUIRVEYS, NAVY For hydrographic surveys, including pay of hydrographic sur- veyors, cartographic draftsmen, and recorders, and for purchase of nautical books, charts, and sailing directions, $175,000. BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL TRAINING, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE, NAVY Naval War College: For maintenance, operation, and other neces- sary expenses of the Naval War College; services of a professor of international law, $2,000; services of lecturers, $3,000; library expenses, including purchase, binding, and repair of books and periodicals and subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals; and not exceeding $1,000 for contingencies of the president of the Naval War College to be expended in his discretion, $212,000. Naval training stations: For maintenance, operation, and other necessary expenses, including repairs, improvements, and care of grounds of the naval training stations which follow: San Diego, California, $1,500,000; Newport, Rhode Island, $1,500,000; Great Lakes, Illinois, $2,675,000; Port Deposit, Maryland, $1,500,000; Fleet training: For trophies and badges for excellence in gunnery, target practice, communication, engineering exercises, and economy in fuel consumption, to be awarded under such rules as the Secretary may formulate; recording, classifying, compiling, and publishing the rules and results; establishment and maintenance of shooting galleries, target houses, targets, and ranges; hiring established ranges; entrance fees in matches for the rifle team, and special equipment therefor; $140,000; Instruction: For postgraduate instruction of officers in other than civil government and literature, including such amounts as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act approved January 16, 1936 (34 U. S . C. 1073), and special instruction and education, includ- ing rental, maintenance, and operation of property for instruction purposes, and individual training of officers and enlisted personnel at home and abroad, including maintenance of students abroad, except aviation and submarine training otherwise appropriated for, $8,136,000: Provided,That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for or on account of any expense incident to giving special educational courses or postgraduate instruction to officers with view to qualifying them or better qualifying them for the performance of duties required to be performed by or in pursuance of law by officers of the Supply Corps, the Corps of Civil Engineers, and officers assigned to engineering duty only, except present students and except such officers who are commissioned in such corps or have been assigned to engineering duty only or who have not been commissioned in the line of the Navy more than five years prior to the commencement of such educational courses or postgraduate instruction; Libraries: For libraries, including professional books, textbooks, and religious books for ships and shore stations not otherwise appro- priated for, $450,000; Welfare and recreation: For welfare and recreation of the Navy, including periodicals and newspaper subscriptions, to be expended m the discretion of the Secretary, $2,750,000; Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps: For all expenses incident to the conduct of the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps under 483 49 Stat. 102. 34U.S.0. If107- 1073e; Supp. V, it 10730-1,1073d. Pot,p. a4. Special educational courses.