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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 543 -JULY 8, 1946 43 Stat. 1276; 50 Stat. 563. 34U.S. ., Supp. V, i 821. Post,p. 1061 . Furnishing of uni- forms, etc. 62 Stat. 1175. 34 U. . 0.. 53J; Supp. V, I 853 et seq., 8S0a note. Ante, p. 245; post, pp. 892,993,99, 1062 . Pay, allowances, etc., retrtotions. such regulations as the President may prescribe under the provisions of section 22 of the Act approved March 4, 1925, as amended by the Act of August 6, 1937 (34 U. S. C . 821), $3,346,000: Provided, That uniforms and other equipment or material issued to the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps in accordance with law may be furnished from surplus or reserve stocks of the Navy without payment under this appropriation; In all, training, education, and welfare, Navy, $22,209,000. MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES, BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL For all miscellaneous expenses, including supplies for seamen's quarters; commissions, warrants, diplomas, discharges, good-conduct badges, medals, and identification tags, $200,000. NAVAL RESERVE For all expenses not otherwise provided for, authorized by the "Naval Reserve Act of 1938", as amended, and the "Naval Aviation Cadet Act of 1942" (56 Stat. 737), in connection with organizing administering, recruiting, instructing, training, and drilling the Naval Reserve, including designing, purchasing, and engraving of medals and trophies; medical supplies and equipment; purchase, mainte- nance, and operation of ambulances; maintenance and operation of floating equipment; rental, maintenance, and operation of such shore stations as may be required in connection with Naval Reserve acti- vities; $133,800,000: Provided, That no appropriation in this Act shall be available for pay, allowances, travel, or other expenses of any officer or enlisted person of the Naval or Marine Corps Reserve who may be drawing a pension, disability allowance, disability com- pensation, or retired pay from the Government of the United States, and "retired pay" as here used shall not include the pay of members of the Fleet Reserve, Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, or members on the honorary retired list of such Reserve forces. NAVAL ACADEMY Pay: For pay of employees, professors, and instructors, including one professor as librarian, and such amounts as may be necessary to 49tat. 1092. carry out the provisions of the Act approved January 16, 1936 (34 1034U. S .0. 07v- U . S C. 1073), $1,980,000: Provided, That this appropriation shall 1073; SUPP.V, i 10731, l10T3d. not be available for the employment of more than fourteen masters Po, p. 804. and instructors in swordsmanship and physical training. Maintenance: For all expenses necessary for maintenence and operation of the Naval Academy; expenses of lecturers and entertain- ment (not exceeding $3,000); expenses of the Board of Visitors to the Naval Academy; contingencies for the Superintendent of the Naval Academy (not exceeding $5,200) and for the commandant of Midship- men (not exceeding $1,200), to be expended in their respective discre- tions; reference books, newspapers, periodicals, apparatus, equipment, 41 U.s . O.§. and necessary supplies; purchase without regard to section 3709, Pod, p.80. Revised Statutes, binding, and repairs of books for the library, $1,950,000, of which amount $2,000 shall be available exclusively for the care of a collection of ship models. NAVAL HOME, PHILADELPMHA, PENNSYLVANIA For all salaries and expenses as authorized by law (31 U. S . C . 725h) necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Naval Home and plot in cemetery, including burial expenses and headstones; music in chapel and entertainment for beneficiaries; transportation of indi- gent, destitute, sick, and insane beneficiaries and their attendants and 484 [60 STAT. 48 Stat. 129.