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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.- CH. 33-FEB . 20, 1946 (3) to appraise the various programs and activities of the Federal Government in the light of the policy declared in sec- tion 2 for the purpose of determining the extent to which such programs and activities are contributing, and the extent to which they are not contributing, to the achievement of such policy, and to make recommendations to the President with respect thereto; (4) to develop and recommend to the President national eco- nomic policies to foster and promote free competitive enterprise, to avoid economic fluctuations or to diminish the effects thereof, and to maintain employment, production, and purchasing power; (5) to make and furnish such studies, reports thereon, and recommendations with respect to matters of Federal economic policy and legislation as the President may request. (d) The Council shall make an annual report to the President in December of each year. (e) In exercising its powers, functions and duties under this Act- (1) the Council may constitute such advisory committees and may consult with such representatives of industry, agriculture, labor, consumers, State and local governments, and other groups, as it deems advisable; (2) the Council shall, to the fullest extent possible, utilize the services, facilities, and information (including statistical infor- mation) of other Government agencies as well as of private research agencies, in order that duplication of effort and expense may be avoided. (f) To enable the Council to exercise its powers, functions, and duties under this Act, there are authorized to be appropriated (except for the salaries of the members and the salaries of officers and employees of the Council) such sums as may be necessary. For the salaries of the members and the salaries of officers and employees of the Council, there is authorized to be appropriated not exceeding $345,000 in the aggregate for each fiscal year. JOINT COMMITTEE ON TIE ECONOMIC REPORT SEC. 5. (a) There is hereby established a Joint Committee on the Economic Report, to be composed of seven Members of the Senate, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and seven Members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The party representation on the joint committee shall as nearly as may be feasible reflect the relative membership of the majority and minority parties in the Senate and House of Representatives. (b) It shall be the function of the joint committee (1) to make a continuing study of matters relating to the Economic Report; (2) to study means of coordinating programs in order to further the policy of this Act; and (3) as a guide to the several committees of the Congress deal- ing with legislation relating to the Economic Report, not later than May 1 of each year (beginning with the year 1947) to file a report with the Senate and the House of Representatives containing its findings and recommendations with respect to each of the main recommendations made by the President in the Economic Report, and from time to time to make such other reports and recommendations to the Senate and House of Repre- sentatives as it deems advisable. (c) Vacancies in the membership of the joint committee shall not affect the power of the remaining members to execute the functions of the joint committee, and shall be filled in the same manner as in the 25 Annual report. Advisory commit- tees; consultations. Services, etc., of other agencies. Appropriations au- thorized. Post, p . 913. Composition. Party representa- tion. Functions. Reports. Pot,p. 838. Vacancies.