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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 Post, p. 615. Meters in taxicabs. Treatment of legally adopted children. 20U. .c.C i15h- 1 , p. 775. Pot, p. 775. be used exclusively in connection with investigations and detection of short weights and measures. License bureau, $25,898. Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board, $46,468. Office of Administrator of Rent Control, $45,200. Office of Recorder of Deeds, including lawbooks, purchase of one passenger-carrying motor vehicle, and $100 for equipment and medi- cal supplies for rest room, $190,850. Poundmaster's Office, including uniforms for dog catchers, $2 ,950. Public Utilities Commission, including a people's counsel and newspapers, $112,500: Provided, That no appropriation in this Act shall be used for or in connection with the preparation, issuance, publication, or enforcement of any regulation or order of the Public Utilities Commission requiring the installation of meters in taxicabs, or for or in connection with the licensing of any vehicle to be operated as a taxicab except for operation in accordance with such system of uniform zones and rates and regulations applicable thereto as shall have been prescribed by the Public Utilities Commission: Provided further,That the foregoing provision shall not be construed to prevent the Public Utilities Commission from holding a hearing upon any application that may be made for the installation of meters in taxicabs. Zoning Commission, $19,600. PUBLIC SCHOOLS OPERATING EXPENSES General administration: For all expenses necessary for the general administration of the public-school system of the District of Colum- bia, including personal services; printing and binding; lawbooks, books of reference, and periodicals; purchase and maintenance of one passenger automobile; $425,972, of which $10,000 shall be imme- diately available. General supervision and instruction: For all expenses necessary for supervision, instruction, and education in the teachers colleges and in the day, evening, and summer public schools of the District of Columbia, and the education of foreigners of all ages in the Ameri- canization schools; including personal services; printing and binding; textbooks, lawbooks, books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; and subsistence supplies for pupils attending the schools for crippled children; $10,710,300, of which $300,000 shall be immediately avail- able: Provided, That hereafter no part of the funds appropriated for the public schools shall be available for the operation of any school which denies to legally adopted children the same treatment as that given to children living with their natural parents. Vocational education, George-Deen program: For all expenses necessary for the development of vocational education in the District of Columbia in accordance with the Act of June 8, 1936 (49 Stat. 1488), including personal services, and allowances for privately owned automobiles used for the performance of official duties within the District of Columbia (not to exceed $100 per annum for each automo- bile). $139,600. Operation of buildings and grounds and maintenance of equipment: For all expenses necessary for the operation of school buildings and grounds and the purchase and repair of equipment, including personal services, insurance and operation, maintenance, and repair of District- owned or borrowed automobiles used in driver-training courses, $2,248,500, of which $150,000 shall be immediately available. [60 STAT. 504