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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 544 -JULY 9, 1946 ADULT CORRECTIONAL SERVICE Operating expenses: For all expenses necessary for the operation of the jail and the workhouse and reformatory, including personal serv- ices; subsistence of interns; compensation of consulting physician and dentist at rates to be fixed by the Commissioners; attendance of guards at pistol and rifle matches; uniforms and caps for guards; newspapers, books of reference, and periodicals; rental of motion-picture films; repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds; purchase, exchange, maintenance, operation, and repair of motor busses; support, maintenance, and transportation of prisoners transferred from the District of Columbia; expenses of interment of deceased inmates; dis- charge gratuities; electrocutions; shipping remains of deceased prisoners to their homes in the United States; identifying, pursuing, recapturing (including rewards therefor), and returning to institu- tions, escaped inmates and parole and conditional-release violators; and returning released prisoners to their residences, $2,200,000. ailprovements at Capital outlay: For structural improvements at the jail, including outside walls and fences, guard towers, and control gates, $116,600. Working capital fund: To provide a working capital fund for such industrial enterprises at the workhouse and reformatory as may be urchas of prod- approved by the Commissioners, $50,000: Provided, That the various departments and institutions of the District of Columbia and the Federal Government may purchase, at fair market prices as determined by the Commissioners, products and services of said industrial enter- prises, and orders for such products and services shall be considered as obligations upon appropriations in the same manner as orders for Deposit of receipts. contracts placed with private contractors: Provided further, That receipts from the sale of products and services shall be deposited to the credit of said working capital fund, and said fund, including all receipts credited thereto, shall be used as a permanent revolving fund for all necessary expenses of such enterprises, including personal services; and the payment to inmates or their dependents of such pecuniary earnings as the Commissioners may deem proper: Provided Tmrasferoi a further, That as soon as practicable after the close of each fiscal year the Commissioners shall transfer all accumulated profits arising from the year's operations under said fund to the general revenues of the District of Columbia for such fiscal year. MENTAL REHABILITATION SERVICE Operating expenses, District Training School: For all expenses necessary for the operation of the District Training School, includ- ing personal services; books of reference and periodicals; printing and binding; purchase, exchange, operation, and maintenance of passenger automobiles; compensation of consulting physicians at rates to be fixed by the Commissioners; subsistence of interns; and repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $581,600. Capital outlay, District Training School: For the construction and equipment of laundry building, $140,000; and for the improvement of roads, $35,000; in all, $175,000. The appropriation of $70,000 for the construction of a third floor and a permanent roof to the hospital and administration building, District Training School, contained in the First Deficiency Appro- ostat.63. priation Act, 1946, is made available also for necessary repairs and alterations to the existing building. Saint Elizabeths Hospital: For support of indigent insane of the District of Columbia in Saint Elizabeths Hospital, as provided by law, $3,778,000. 514 [60 STAT.