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520 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 544-JULY 9, 1946 [60 STAT. including the acquisition and development of a site for storage of construction materials, contained in the District of Columbia Appro- 58 Stat. 528. priation Act, 1945, is continued available until June 30, 1947. Ante, p. 188. Operating expenses, Water Division (payable from water fund): For all expenses necessary for operation and maintenance of the District of Columbia water distribution system; installing and re- pairing water meters on services to private residences and business places as may not be required to install meters under existing regu- lations, said meters to remain the property of the District of Colum- bia; replacement of old mains, service pipes, and divide valves; water waste and leakage survey; such expenses to include personal services; books of reference and periodicals; printing and binding; purchase, exchange, operation, and maintenance of passenger-carrying motor vehicles; and refunding of water rents and other water charges erroneously paid in the District of Columbia, to be refunded in the manner prescribed by law for the refunding of erroneously paid taxes; $1,450,000, to be available for such refunds of payments made within the past two years. Ante, p. 189. Capital outlay, Water Division (payable from water fund): For ex- tension of the District of Columbia water distribution system, laying of such service mains as may be necessary under the assessment system, laying mains in advance of paving and installing fire and public hydrants; for construction of approximately five thousand two hundred linear feet of twenty-four- and twenty-inch trunk line water main from the vicinity of Florida and West Virginia Avenues North- east, to the vicinity of Mount Olivet and Bladensburg Roads North- east; for the construction of a reinforced concrete roof on the ten-million-gallon reservoir located in Fort Stanton Park, including $6,000 for engineering and other professional services by contract or 41u.S. . §5. otherwise, without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes, and P' p'8. civil-service and classification laws; in all, $615,000: Provided, That not to exceed $285,000 of the appropriation for "Capital outlay, Water Division", shall continue available until June 30, 1948: Provided further, That the appropriations in the District of Columbia Appro- 56 Stat. 457, 458. priation Act, 1943, for the construction of one or more elevated water tanks of approximately two million gallons capacity, and so forth, and for additional pumping equipment at the Anacostia pumping station are continued available until June 30,1947. Water fund, investment, District of Columbia: The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to sell United States securities now held for and on account of the water fund of the District of Columbia in such amounts as may be certified by the Commissioners as necessary and credit the proceeds of such sale to said water fund. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT of^aqueducts and eac Operating expenses (payable from water fund): For all expenses cessories. necessary for the operation, maintenance, repair, and protection of Washington aqueducts and their accessories, and maintenance of Mac- Arthur Boulevard; including personal services; books of reference Meters on Federal and periodicals; printing and binding; purchase, installation, and seices maintenance of water meters on Federal services within the District of Columbia; purchase (including exchange), operation, and main- tenance of two passenger-carrying motor vehicles; purchase and repair of rubber boots and protective apparel; $903,725. taeillan pumping Capital outlay (payable from water fund): For distribution baffles in Georgetown reservoir; ventilating system for the McMillan pump- ing station and transformer vault; increase capacity of Dalecarlia substation; repair and rehabilitation of McMillan filters; relocating Dalecarlia filter plant acid storage tanks; circulation facilities in First