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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 569-JULY 12, 1946 Pay and allowances: For pay and allowances prescribed by law for commissioned officers, cadets, warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted personnel, active and retired, temporary cooks, surf- men, substitute surfmen, and six civilian instructors; retired pay for certain members of the former Life Saving Service authorized by 46Stat. 164. the Act approved April 14, 1930 (14 U. S . C. 178a); not exceeding Cash prizes. $10,000 for cash prizes for men for excellence in boatmanship, gun- Transportation of nery, target practice, and engineering competitions; transportation dependents. of dependents of Coast Guard personnel on active duty and retired and Reserve officers and of retired and Reserve enlisted personnel, of grades entitled to transportation of dependents in the Regular Coast Guard, when ordered to active duty (other than training) and upon relief therefrom; carrying out the provisions of the Act of 41 tat. .. pp June 4, 1920 (34 U. S . C . 943); not to exceed $18,000 for cost of spe- v, 43. cial instruction, including books, laboratory equipment and fees, school supplies, and maintenance of students; motion-picture and other equipment for instructional purposes; rations or commutation thereof for cadets, petty officers, and other enlisted personnel, mileage and expenses allowed by law for officers, including per diem rates of Per diem rStes for allowance, and the Secretary is hereby authorized to prescribe per diem rates of allowance for Public Health Service officers detailed to the Coast Guard as authorized for Coast Guard officers; actual and necessary expenses or per diem in lieu thereof as the Secretary may determine and approve for Coast Guard personnel on special duty Traveling expenses. in foreign countries; for reimbursement at not to exceed 3 cents per mile for official travel performed by civilian inspectors of the Coast Guard in privately owned automobiles, within the limits of their official stations; traveling expenses of other persons traveling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department, including transporta- tion of cadets, enlisted personnel, and applicants for enlistment, with subsistence and transfers en route, or cash in lieu thereof, and travel- ing expenses for the examinations authorized by the Act entitled "An Act to provide for retirement for disability in the Lighthouse 43Stat. 121 . Service", approved March 4, 1925 (33 U. S. C. 765). transportation in kind and subsistence to discharged cadets; uniforms, accouter- ments and equipment for officers and cadets, and the appropriation 40 Stat. 1054 . reimbursed, as provided by law (14 U. S. C. 30); clothing for enlisted personnel authorized by law' civilian clothing, including an overcoat when necessary, the cost of all not to exceed $30 per person to enlisted personnel given discharges for bad conduct, undesirability, unsuit- ability, or inaptitude; reimbursement in kind or in cash as authorized by law to persons in the Coast Guard for personal property lost, destroyed, or damaged; actual expenses of officers and cadets and quarters and subsistence of enlisted personnel on shore patrol, emer- gency shore detail and other detached duty, or cash in lieu thereof; HUre of quarters. hire of quarters for officers serving with troops where sufficient quar- ters are not possessed by the United States to accommodate them; hire of quarters for Coast Guard personnel comparable to quarters assignable on a capital ship of the Navy, as authorized by the Secre- tary to meet emergency conditions, including officers and men on sea duty at such times as they may be deprived of their quarters on board ship due to repairs or other conditions which may render them unin- Restriction. habitable: Provided, That under this authorization no funds may ecruiting. be expended for the hire of quarters for occupancy by the dependents of officers or enlisted personnel; expenses of recruiting for the Coast Guard, rent of rendezvous2 and expenses of maintaining the same; advertising for and obtaining enlisted personnel and applicants for 530 [60 STAT.