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i48 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 583 -JULY 16, 1946 [60 STAT. enlistment while held under observation; for equipment and repair of equipment of existing dry-cleaning plants, salvage and sorting storehouses, hat-repairing shops, shoe-repair shops, clothing-repair shops, and garbage-reduction works; for equipage, including animal- drawn passenger-carrying vehicles, authorized issues of toilet articles, barbers' and tailors' material, for use of general prisoners confined at military posts without pay or allowances and applicants for enlist- ment while held under observation; issue of toilet kits to recruits upon their first enlistment; for expenses of packing and handling and similar necessaries; for a suit of citizens' outer clothing and when necessary an overcoat, the cost of all not to exceed $30, to be issued each soldier discharged otherwise than honorably, to each enlisted man convicted by civil court for an offense resulting in con- finement in a penitentiary or other civil prison, and to each enlisted man ordered interned by reason of the fact that he is an alien enemy, or, for the same reason, discharged without internment; for indem- nity to officers and men of the Army for clothing and bedding, and so forth, destroyed since April 22, 1898, by order of medical officers of the Army for sanitary reasons; $152 750,000; Incidental expenses of the Army: Postage; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster Corps, including the care of officers' mounts when the same are furnished by the Government; compensation of clerks and other employees of the Quartermaster Corps, and clerks, foremen, watchmen, and organist for the United States Disciplinary Barracks; incidental expenses of recruiting; for activities of chap- lains (excluding ritual garments and personal services); for the operation of coffee-roasting plantsi for maintenance of Quarter- Test research, etc. master branch depots, including utilities; for tests and experimental and development work and scientific research to be performed by the Bureau of Standards for the Quartermaster Corps; for inspec- tion service and instruction furnished by the Department of Agri- culture which may be transferred in advance; for such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the move- ments and operation of the Army and at military posts, and not expressly assigned to any other departments; for supplies, services, and other expenses essential in conducting instruction of the Army in tactical or special activities and in the operation of Arm and Buraleese. Service Boards not otherwise provided fforfor burial of the dead 52 stat. 398. 54Stat. 74 as authorized by Acts of May 17, 1938 (10 U. S. C. 916-916d), and July 8, 1940 (5 U. S . C . 103a), including remains of personnel of the Army of the United States who die while on active duty, includ- ing travel allowances of attendants accompanying remains, com- munication service, transportation of remains, and acquisition by lease or otherwise of temporary burial sites; $115,000,000; Horses, draft and pack animals: For the purchase of draft and pack animals and horses within limits as to age, sex, and size to be prescribed by the Secretary of War for remounts for officers entitled to public mounts, for the United States Military Academy, and for such organizations and members of the military service as may be required to be mounted, and for all expenses incident to such pur- chases (including expenses for encouragement of the breeding of riding horses suitable for the Army, in cooperation with the Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture, including the pur- chase and exchange of animals for breeding purposes and their maintenance), $150,000; In all, Quartermaster Service, Army, $597,900,000, to be disbursed and accounted for as one fund.