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G0 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 583-JULY 16, 1946 TRANSPORTATION CORPS TRANSPORTATION SERVICE, ARMY For expenses necessary for the transportation of Army supplies, equipment, funds of the Army, including packing, crating, and unpack- ing; maintenance and operation of transportation facilities and instal- lations, including the purchase, construction, alteration, operation, lease, repair, development, and maintenance of and research in trans- portation equipment, including boats, vessels, motor-propelled passen- ger-carrying vehicles and railroad equipment; personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; procurement of supplies and equipment; printing and binding; communication service; maps; law- books and books of reference; subscriptions to newspapers and period- icals; wharfage, tolls, ferriage, drayage and cartage; premiums and indemnification for risks insured pursuant to the Act of April 11, 1942 (46 U. S . C . 1128-1128g); conducting instructions in Army transpor- tation activities; transportation on Army vessels of privately owned automobiles of Army personnel upon change of station; $500,000,000: Provided, That during the fiscal year 1947 the cost of transportation from point of origin to the first point of storage or consumption of supplies, equipment, and material in connection with the manufactur- ing and purchasing activities of the Quartermaster Corps may be charged to the appropriations from which such supplies, equipment, and material are procured: Provided further, That vessels under the jurisdiction of the Maritime Commission, the War Shipping Adminis- tration, the War Department, or the Navy Department, may be trans- ferred or otherwise made available without reimbursement to any of such agencies upon the request of the head of one agency and the approval of the agency having jurisdiction of the vessels concerned. 549 66 Stat. 214 46 U. S. C., Spp. V, §§ 1128-1128g. Charges against other appropriations. Transer of vesm SIGNAL CORPS SIGNAL SERVICE OF THE ARMY Purchase, equipment, operation, and repair of military telegraph, telephone, radio, cable, and signaling systems; signal equipment and stores, heliographs, signal lanterns, flags, and other necessary instru- ments; wind vanes, barometers, anemometers, thermometers, and other meteorological instruments; photographic and cinematographic work performed for the Army by the Signal Corps; motorcycles, motor-driven and other vehicles for technical and official purposes in connection with the construction, operation, and maintenance of com- munication or signaling systems, and supplies for their operation and maintenance; professional and scientific books of reference, pam- phlets, periodicals, newspapers, and maps for use of the Signal Corps and in the office of the Chief Signal Officer; telephone apparatus, including rental and payment for commercial, exchange, message, trunk-line, long-distance, and leased-line telephone service at or con- necting any post, camp, cantonment, depot, arsenal, headquarters, hospital, aviation station, or other office or station of the Army, except- ing the local telephone service for the various bureaus of the War Department in the District of Columbia, and toll messages pertaining to the office of the Secretary of War; electric time service; the rental of commercial telegraph lines and equipment, and their operation at or connecting any post, camp, cantonment, depot, arsenal, head- quarters, hospital, aviation station, or other office or station of the Army, including payment for official individual telegraph messages transmitted over commercial lines; electrical installations and man- tenance thereof at military posts, cantonments, camps, and stations of the Army, fire control and direction apparatus, and materiel for Teleraph, et. , Velllea, Telephone appra- tus. Telegraph line Electrieal install- tions