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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 583-JULY 16,1946 CORPS OF ENGINEERS ENGINEER SERVICE, ARMY Equipment, instru- Engineer Service: For the design, development, procurement, manufacture, maintenance, alteration, repair, installation, storage, and issue of engineer equipment, instruments, appliances, supplies materials, tools and machinery required in the equipment and training of troops and in military operations, including military surveys, and including the purchase, maintenance, repair, and operation of pas- Engineer school. senger-carrying vehicles; for the operation and maintenance of the Engineer School, including (a) compensation of civilian lecturers, and (b) purchase and binding of scientific and professional books, Maps, etc. pamphlets, papers, and periodicals; for the procurement, prepara- tion, and reproduction of maps and similar data for military pur- Military and train- poses; for expenses incident to the Engineer Service in military ng operations, and training operations, including military surveys, and includ- ing (a) research and development of improved methods in such operations, (b) the rental of storehouses and grounds, and (c) repair and alteration of buildings, including heat, light, power, water, and communication service, not otherwise provided for and (d) expenses of railroad construction, including purchase or lease of equipment and materials, and the acquisition of lands, rights-of-way thereon, and other interests therein and temporary use thereof; $375,544,000; Military posts: For construction and installation of buildings, utilities, flying fields, fortifications, and appurtenances thereto, or other facilities required for military use and for each and every object and expense connected therewith, including (a) housing, stor- age, interior facilities, fixed equipment, piers, roads, railroads, com- munications, water, sewerage. and electric systems, (b) expenses incident to the preparation of plans, the purchase and installation of equipment, (c) the employment of persons and the procurement of supplies, equipment, printing, binding, communication service, news- papers, lawbooks, books of reference, periodicals, at the seat of gov- ernment and elsewhere, (d) the purchase, maintenance, repair, and Acqusition of land. operation of passenger-carrying vehicles, (e) the acquisition of land, rights pertaining thereto, leasehold, and other interests therein and temporary use thereof, and the land and interests therein, including the temporary use thereof, may be acquired and construction may be prosecuted thereon prior to the approval of the title by the Attorney 40. s .c. 25. General as required by section 355, Revised Statutes, as amended, l s.S.c. 2 330; and without regard to sections 1136, 3648, and 3734, Revised Statutes, u..s . iS259, 267. as amended, (f) the settlement of claims resulting from the use and Postp.809 . occupancy of real estate under the provisions of the Act approved 57 Stat. 372. July 3, 1943 (31 U. S . C . 223b), (g) the payment of deficiency judg- 31 U. S. C., Supp. v, i121-217 noes, ments and interests thereon arising out of condemnation proceedings 22ht222b 2232p; heretofore instituted pursuant to specific Acts authorizing particular Ante, p. 332; post, pp. 86,847 . projects, notwithstanding limitations of amounts contained in such Acts, and (h) the salvage and conversion of military facilities, $115,500,000: Provided, That no appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for the acquisition of land without the specific approval of the Secretary of War, and then only when it would be more economical to purchase than lease, if leasing be possible, in cases where doubt prevails as to the land desired being permanently needed for military purposes; Barracks and quarters, Army: For the maintenance, installation, repair, operation, protection, and rental of buildings, structures, grounds, utilities, flying fields, fortifications, and appurtenances thereto, or other facilities required for militiary use; and for each and 552 [60 STAT.