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, 2D SESS.-CH. 583-JULY 16, 1946 60 STAT.] 79TH GONG. ARMORED FORCE ON IN ARMORED FORCE ACTIVITIES INSTRUCTI . and other expenses essential in conducting For supplies, services in armored-force activities, $1,160,000. instruction of the Army SEACOAST DEFENSES tent to the preparation of plans and the con- For all expenses incidllation, equipment, maintenance, repair, and struction, purchase, insti)ns and other works of defense, and their operation of fortificatiersonal services, ammunition storage, mainte- accessories, including pemarine-mine wharves, purchase of lands and nance of channels to sub-ized by law, acquisition of leaseholds and rights-of-way as authotnd temporary use thereof, and payments for other interests therein, abe made in advance for the entire term not- leasehold interests may lions of section 3648, Revised Statutes, and withstanding the proviuid development work, $2,487,000. for experimental, test, a: STATES MILITARY ACADEMY UNITED g OF MILITARY ACADEMY Pdets, $1,864,000: Provided, That during the Cadets: For pay of c 30, 1947, no officer of the Army shall be fiscal year ending Junicrease in pay or allowances because of detail entitled to receive any it any capacity at the Military Academy: Pro- or assignment to duty ine duties of librarian of the United States vided further, That th be performed by an officer of the Regular Military Academy maye service under the provisions of section 1251, Army retired from activetailed on active duty for that purpose. Revised Statutes, and d ERATION, UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY MAINTENANCE AND OPJ e books for instruction; increase and expense For text and referenctnent and supplies; stationery, blank books, of library; office equipling, and periodicals; diplomas for graduates; forms, printing and bindcratus, equipment, supplies, and materials for expense of lectures; app and athletics, and maintenance and repair purpose of instruction ments and maintenance of band; care and thereof; musical instruquipment for cadet mess; postage, telephones, maintenance of organ; end expressage; for commutation of rations for and telegrams; freight a.ular established ration; for commutation of cadets in lieu of the retployed at cadet mess in the same amount as rations for civilians emilian's pay for said rations; maintenance of deducted from each civ'xceeding $12,200); contingencies for Super- children's school (not erv Academy (not exceeding $5,200) and for intendent of the Milita!dets (not exceeding $1,200), to be expended the Commandant of Cautions; expenses of the members of the Board in their respective discring $1,500); contingent fund, to be expended of Visitors (not exceedi;he Academic Board (not exceeding $1,000); under the direction of tnd maintenance of buildings and grounds improvement, repair, a and fences); shooting galleries and ranges; (including roads, walls,ghting apparatus and fixtures and operation cooking, heating, and li; maintenance of water, sewer, and plumbing and maintenance thereo: and repairs to cadet camp; fire-extinguishing systems; maintenance ofnd tools and repairs of same; maintenance, apparatus; machinery $ motor-propelled vehicles; policing buildings repair, and operation ol, refrigerators, and lockers for Government- and grounds; furniturekcademy and repair and maintenance thereof; owned buildings at the lpower; pay of employees; and other necessary fuel for heat, light, and 555 Leaseholds. 31 U.S. C. §529. Post, p. 809. Army officers on detail, pay restric- tion. Retired officer as librarian. 10U. .0. 933. Contingent fund.