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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 583-JULY 16, 1946 SEC. 12 . No part of any appropriation contained in this Act may Construction of be obligated for the construction of quarters, including heating and plumbing apparatus, wiring and fixtures, in continental United States, except in Alaska, for greater amounts per unit than follow: Permanent construction: For commissioned officer, $10,000. For commissioned warrant or warrant officer, $7,500. For enlisted man, $6,000. Temporary construction: For commissioned officer, $7,500. For commissioned warrant or warrant officer, $5,000. For enlisted man, $3,500. SEC. 13. The Secretary of War is authorized to utilize any appro- Maintenanceotprs- priation available for the Military Establishment, under such regu- onersowetc. lations as he may prescribe, for all expenses incident to the mainte- nance, pay, and allowances of prisoners of war, other persons in Army custody whose status is determined by the Secretary of War to be similar to prisoners of war, and persons detained in Army cus- tody pursuant to Presidential proclamation. SEC. 14. The appropriations contained in this Act which are available etc. ge dies i for the procurement or manufacture of munitions of war of special or technical design may be used for the development and procurement of gages, dies, jigs, and other special aids and appliances, production studies, factory plans, and other production data, including specifica- tions and detailed drawings, in accordance with the provisions of sections 120 and 123 of the National Defense Act, as amended. Such 39 Stat. 213, 215. appropriations may also be used for the purchase of letters patent, applications for letters patent, and licenses under letters patent and applications for letters patent that pertain to such equipment or material for which the appropriations are made. SEC. 15. None of the moneys appropriated by this or any other Act Famiy alowano. shall be available to the War Department or the Military Establish- ment for audit work for the purpose of reconciling family allowance pay-roll deductions made by disbursing officers in the field with family allowance payments to dependents of military personnel under the 56suts.., s. provisions of the Servicemen's Dependents Allowance Act of 1942. v, i 201-221. SEC. 16. The appropriations for the Military Establishment and Ra,.di 6 o. for civil functions administered by the War Department for the fiscal year 1947 shall be available for the payment of rewards, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of War shall prescribe, to civilian officers and employees in addition to their usual compensation and to persons in civil life for suggestions resulting in improvement or economy in manufacturing process or plant or military material, and for suggestions resulting in efficiency or economy in the operation or administration of the War Department and the Military Establish- ment, and for expenses of such nonmonetary awards, including cita- tions, insignia, emblems, medals, and devices, as may be granted in recognition of faithful and meritorious service. SEO. 17 . During the fiscal year 1947 occupancy of Government owanf eforren facilities under the jurisdiction of the Military Establishment on a stat. 35 . rental basis by personnel of the services mentioned in the title of v, o101-120. the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942 or by their dependents shall not At, pp.s20,34s-36 deprive such personnel of money allowances for rental of quarters. CompI.anc, with SEC. 18. The rescissions of the unexpended balances of War excessive profits pro- Department appropriations of prior years shall be deemed to be a vision. compliance with so much of paragraph (2) of subsection (c) of sec- tion 403, as amended, of the Sixth Supplemental National Defense 50 St. g. s Appropriation Act, 1942, as reads: "Upon the withholding of any v, app. t1191 (c) ). 565