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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 327 -__ Coast Guard, settlement of claims. AN ACT To amend Public Law 277, Seventy-ninth Congress, so as to provide the Coast Guard, at such time as it is transferred back to the Treasury Department, with a system of laws for the settlement of claims, and for other purposes __-- -_-- -- --- -- --- - __-- --- --- 328 --- Commodity Credit Corporation,etc. JOINT RESOLUTION To amend Public Law 30 of the Seventy-ninth Congress, and for other purposes--__---------------------- - 329 --- Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946. AN ACT Making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies in certain appro- priations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1946, and for other purposes-----------

330 --- Lawton, Okla., conveyance. AN ACT Providing for the transfer of a certain fish hatchery in Comanche County, Oklahoma, to the city of Lawton, Oklahoma ------------------ -- 331 --- National Elk Refuge, Wyo., conveyance. AN ACT To convey certain lands to the State of Wyoming ----- ------------ 332 - - Custer Battlefield National Monument, Mont. AN ACT To change the designation of Custer Battlefield National Ceme- tery, in the State of Montana, to " Custer Battlefield National Monument", and for other purposes------------------ 333 --- Armed services, permanent appointments. AN ACT To author- ize the permanent appointment in the grades of General of the Army, Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy, general in the Marine Corps, and admiral in the Coast Guard, respec- tively, of certain individuals who have served in such grades during the Second World War . _- _- -_ --

334 --- Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1947. AN ACT Making appropriations for the Executive Office and sundry independ- ent executive bureaus, boards, commissions, and offices, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1947, and for other purposes ---- 335 --- Second Urgent Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1946. AN ACT Making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies in certain appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1946, and for other purposes---------

336 --- Defense housing, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 502 of the Act entitled "An Act to expedite the provision of hous- ing in connection with national defense, and for other pur- poses," approved October 14, 1940, as amended, so as to authorize the appropriation of funds necessary to provide addi- tional temporary housing units for distressed families of servicemen and for veterans and their families ------------ 337 --- Navy, Coast Guard, pay and allowances of retired officers. AN ACT Relating to pay and allowances of officers of the retired list of the Regular Navy and Coast Guard performing active duty in the rank of rear admiral------------------------ 338 -_- Transportationof personnel engaged in war effort. AN ACT To amend Public Law 779 of the Seventy-seventh Congress, en- titled "An Act to provide for furnishing transportation for certain Government and other personnel necessary for the effective prosecution of the war, and for other purposes", approved December 1, 1942, and for other purposes--------- 339 --- Navy personnel, reimbursement. AN ACT To reimburse certain Navy personnel and former Navy personnel for personal property lost or damaged as the result of fires which occurred at various Navy shore activities --------------------- 340 --- D. C . Weights and Measures Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend an Act entitled "An Act to establish standard weights and measures for the District of Columbia; to define the duties of the Superintendent of Weights, Measures, and Markets of the District of Columbia; and for other purposes", approved March 3, 1921, as amended ---------------- -

341 __-- Veterans' housing, appropriation. JOINT RESOLUTION Mak- ing an additional appropriation for veterans' housing and related expenses------------------------------------- 342 -_- Enid, Okla., conveyance. AN ACT To quiet title to certain school-district property in Enid, Oklahoma --------------- 343 --_ Bridge, Missouri River. AN ACT To revive and reenact the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the county of Burt, State of Nebraska, to construct, maintain, and operate a toll bridge across the Missouri River at or near Decatur, Nebraska", approved June 8, 1940--.---...--------------..---------- Date Mar. 20, 1946__ - Mar. 21, 1946_ -- Mar. 22, 1946_ Mar. 22, 1946_ Mar. 22, 1946. Mar. 22,1946__ Mar. 23, 1946__ Mar. 28, 1946___ Mar. 28,1946--- Mar. 28,1946__- Apr. 8,1946--- Apr. 9, 1946-- Apr. 9, 1946___ Apr. 11, 1946___ Apr. 12, 1946__ - Apr. 13, 1946-_ - Apr. 13, 1946-_ - 89 Page 56 57 57 58 58 59 59 60 82 85 86 86 87 88 88 88 Vii