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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 588 -JULY 20, 1946 Transfer offunds. Continuance of warehousing functions for non-Federal agen- cies. Payments for sup- plies, services, etc. Transactions with field offices of other Government agencies. Standard forms and blankbook work for field warehouses. expenses for carrying into effect regulations governing the procure- ment, warehousing, and distribution by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department of property, equipment, stores, and sup- plies in the District of Columbia and in the field, $1,227,000: Pro- vided, That the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed during the fiscal year 1947 to transfer to this appropriation from any appropriations or funds available to the several departments and establishments of the Government for the fiscal year 1947 such amounts as may be approved by the Bureau of the Budget, not to exceed the sum of (a) the amount of the annual compensation of employees who may be transferred or detailed to the Procurement Division, respectively, from any such department or establishment, where the transfer or detail of such employees is incident to a trans- fer of a function or functions to that Division and (b) such amount as the Bureau of the Budget may determine to be necessary for expenses other than personal services incident to the proper carrying out of functions so transferred: Provided further, That when there has been or shall be transferred from any agency of the Government to the Procurement Division any function of warehousing, and the agency from which such function is being transferred is authorized at the time of such transfer to perform functions of procurement, warehousing, or distribution of property, equipment, stores, or supplies for non-Federal agencies the Procurement Division is authorized dur- ing the fiscal year 1947 to continue the performance of such functions for such non-Federal agencies where such functions are to be discon- tinued by the agency from which the warehousing function has been transferred, and the receipts, including surcharge, for all issues to and all advances by all non-Federal agencies shall be credited to the general supply fund: Provided further, That payments during the fiscal year 1947 to the general supply fund for materials, and supplies (including fuel), and services, and overhead expenses for all issues shall be made on the books of the Treasury Department by transfer and counterwarrants prepared by the Procurement Division of the Treasury Department and countersigned by the Comptroller General, such warrants to be based solely on itemized invoices prepared by the Procurement Division at issue prices to be fixed by the Director of Procurement: Provided further, That payments covering transactions between the Procurement Division and field offices of other Govern- ment agencies whose detailed appropriation or fund accounts are maintained elsewhere than within the District of Columbia, may be made on the basis of itemized vouchers or invoices prepared by the Procurement Division and sent through the appropriate field offices to the disbursing officers for the agencies involved, who are hereby authorized to make payment based (1) upon certification of the Procurement Division, which shall include the specific statement that the vouchers are issued pursuant to and in conformity with purchase orders or requisitions duly executed by the agency billed, and (2) upon approval and certification of such vouchers by the agency billed which action shall be based upon acceptance of the Procurement Division certification as made, subject to later adjustment if neces- sary, the responsibility of the certifying officer to be limited to the availability of the funds to be charged: Provided further, That the general supply fund may be used to purchase from or through the Public Printer standard forms and blankbook work for field ware- house stocking and issue, but issues thereof shall be made only to Government agencies and shall be chargeable to applicable appro- priation authorizations or limitations of such agencies for printing and binding, and reports of such issues shall be made as the Public 578 [60 STAT.