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582 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 588 -JULY 20, 1946 [60 STAT. Compensation to assistant postmasters: For compensation to assist- ant postmasters at first- and second-class post offices, $11,440,000. Clerks, first- and second-class post offices: For compensation to clerks and employees at first- and second-class post offices, including auxiliary clerk hire at summer and winter post offices, printers, mechanics, skilled laborers, watchmen, messengers, mail handlers, and substitutes, $391,870,000. Contract station service: For contract station service, $3,100,000. Separating mails: For separating mails at fourth-class post offices, $180,000. Unusual conditions: For unusual conditions at post offices, $50,000. Clerks, third-class post offices: For compensation to clerks at third- class post offices, $17,512,000. Miscellaneous items, first- and second-class post offices: For miscel- laneous items necessary and incidental to the operation and protec- tion of post offices of the first and second classes, and the business conducted in connection therewith, not provided for in other appro- priations, $3,000,000. Village delivery service: For village delivery service in towns and villages having post offices of the second or third class, and in com- munities adjacent to cities having city delivery, $273,400. Detroit River service: For Detroit River postal service, $12,990. Carfare and bicycle allowance: For carfare and bicycle allowance, including special-delivery carfare, cost of transporting carriers by privately owned automobiles to and from their routes, at rates not exceeding regular streetcar or bus fare, and purchase, maintenance, and exchange of bicycles, $1,575,000. City delivery carriers: For pay of letter carriers, City Delivery Service, and United States Official Mail and Messenger Service, $217,000,000. Special-delivery compensation and fees: For compensation and fees to special-delivery messengers, $12,500,000. Rural Delivery Service: For pay of rural carriers, auxiliary carriers, substitutes for rural carriers on annual and sick leave, clerks in charge of rural stations, tolls and ferriage, and necessary miscellaneous and incidental expenses of the Rural Delivery Service, $114,500,000 of which not less than $200,000 shall be available for extensions and new service. OFFICE OF THE SECOND ASSISTANT POSTMASTER OENERAL Star-route service: For inland transportation by star routes (excepting service in Alaska), including temporary service to newly established offices, $20,700,000. Star Route and Air Mail Service, Alaska: For inland transportation by Star Route and Air Mail Service in Alaska, $375,000. Powerboat service: For inland transportation by steamboat or other owerboat routes, including ship, steamboat, and way letters, 1,600,000. Railroad transportation and mail messenger service: For inland transportation by railroad routes and for mail messenger service, $137,000,000: Provided That separate accounts be kept of the amount expended for mail messenger service. Railway Mail Service: For fifteen division superintendents, fifteen assistant division superintendents, two assistant superintendents at large, one hundred and twenty ehief clerks, one hundred and twenty assistant chief clerks, and other employees in the Railway Mall Service, $85,500,000. Railway postal clerks, travel allowance: For travel allowance to railway postal clerks and substitute railway postal clerks, $4,800,000.