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PUBLIC LAWS--CH. 59--JULY 23, 1946 or transfer. The plan and date of disposition shall be fixed with due regard to the protection of the United States against avoid- able loss on the sale or transfer of the material to be released and the protection of producers, processors, and consumers against Approval of Con- avoidable disruption of their usual markets: Provided, That no grmaterial constituting a part of the stock piles may be disposed of without the express approval of the Congress except where the revised determination is by reason of obsolescence of that material tieved etermin- for use in time of war. For the purposes of this paragraph a revised determination is by reason of obsolescence if such deter- mination is on account of (1) deterioration, (2) development or discovery of a new or better material or materials, or (3) no further usefulness for use in time of war. Report to con- "SEc. 4. The Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy shall submit to the Congress, not later than six months after the approval of this Act, and every six months thereafter a written report detail- ing the activities with respect to stock piling under this Act, including a statement of foreign and domestic purchases, and such other pertinent information on the administration of the Act as will enable the Congress to evaluate its administration and the need for amendments and related legislation. pil te ials "iSEC.5. The stock piles shall consist of all such materials heretofore purchased or transferred to be held pursuant to this Act, or hereafter transferred pursuant to section 6 hereof, or hereafter purchased pur- suant to section 3 hereof, and not disposed of pursuant to this Act. Bs1eeta Except for the rotation to prevent deterioration and except for the disposal of any material pursuant to section 3 of this Act, materials acquired under this Act shall be released for use, sale, or other dis- position only (a) on order of the President at any time when in his judgment such release is required for purposes of the common defense, or (b) in time of war or during a national emergency with respect to common defense proclaimed by the President, on order of such agency as may be designated by the President. Transfer of mate- "SEC. 6 . (a) Pursuant to regulations issued by the War Assets Administration or its successor, every material determined to be strategic and critical pursuant to section 2 hereof, which is owned or contracted for by the United States or any agency thereof, including U. any material received from a foreign government under an agreement V2 U.4l419., upp- made pursuant to the Act of March 11, 1941 (55 Stat. 31), as amended, or other authority, shall be transferred by the owning agency, when determined by such agency to be surplus to its needs and responsi- bilities, to the stock piles established pursuant to this Act, so long as the amount of the stock pile for that material does not exceed the Emption quantities determined therefor pursuant to section 2 hereof. There shall be exempt from this requirement such amount of any material as is necessary to make up any deficiency of the supply of such material for the current requirements of industry as determined by the Civilian Production Administration or its successor. There shall also be exempt from this requirement (1) any material which constitutes contractor inventory if the owning agency shall not have taken posses- sion of such inventory, (2) such amount of any material as the Army and Navy Munitions Board determines (i) are held in lots so small as to make the transfer thereof economically impractical; or (ii) do alue not meet or cannot economically be converted to meet, stock-pile requirements determined in accordance with section 2 of this Act. The total material transferred to the stock piles established by this Act in accordance with this section during any fiscal year beginning more than twelve months after this Act becomes law shall not exceed in [60 STAT.