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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 591-JULY 23, 1946 59 Stat. 429. 55 Stat. 31 . 22 U. S. C., Supp. V, if 411-419. Time limitation on shipments abroad. Reimbursement. supplies, commodities, or equipment to or for any recipient country until the Director General of the United Nations Relief and Rehabili- tation Administration has advised the Secretary of State that such country has arranged for the prompt distribution of such supplies, commodities, and equipment. DEFENSE An)-LEND -LEAsE Liquidation: Not to exceed $5,500,000 of the funds made available by title II of the Second Deficiency Appropriation Act, 1945, and other Acts mentioned in said title for carrying out the provisions of an Act to promote the defense of the United States, approved March 11, 1941, are hereby continued available during the fiscal year 1947 for the liquidation of the activities under said Act of March 11, 1941, said sum to be derived from the amounts appropriated for the several categories for which appropriations have been made as may be deter- mined by the Secretary of State, or such official as he may designate: Provided, That the amount named herein shall not be available for any expense incident to the shipment abroad of any commodities after December 31, 1946. SURPLUS PROPERTY, CARE AND THANDLING Surplus property, care and handling: That current naval and military appropriations shall be available for the care and handling of property wherever situated declared surplus to disposal agencies pending reimbursement for such expenses by such disposal agencies or in consequence of supplemental appropriations hereafter made directly to the owning agencies, any law to the contrary notwith- standing: Provided, That reimbursement shall not be made for pay and allowances and subsistence of military and naval personnel within the numbers appropriated for heretofore. OFFICE FOR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF ALIEN PROPERTY CUSTODIAN Expenses. Office of Alien Property Custodian: The Alien Property Custodian is hereby authorized to pay out of any funds or other property or interest vested in him or transferred to him all necessary expenses of the Office of Alien Property Custodian in carrying out the powers and duties conferred on the Alien Property Custodian pursuant to 40 Stat. 411. the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended (50 5§ -31; Supp. vP U. S . C. App.): Provided, That not to exceed $3,500,000 shall be AnPe3 pp. 50,54 182 , available for the entire fiscal year 1947 for the general administrative 418; post, pp. 925,944. expenses of the Office of Alien Property Custodian, including the salary of the Alien Property Custodian at $10,000 per annum; printing and binding; not to exceed $8,500 for deposit in the general fund of 58 Stat. 394. the Treasury for cost of penalty mail as required by section 2 of the 39 U. S. C., Supp. v, §32id. Act of June 28, 1944 (Public Law 364); rent in the District of Columbia; not to exceed $70,000 for the temporary employment of persons or organizations by contract or otherwise for special services without regard to the civil service and classification laws and section P41 s.. §5. 3709, Revised Statutes; personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; contract stenographic reporting services; lawbooks, books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; maintenance, opera- tion, and repair of passenger automobiles; acceptance and utilization Travel expenses. of voluntary and uncompensated services; traveling expenses, including expenses of attendance at meetings of organizations concerned with the work of the agency; and all other necessary general administrative 604 [60 STAT.