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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 591-JULY 23,1946 Services to employ- ees Ancte, p . 219. Ddelgatio of an- thorty. Admlnlstratton of oaths. Clamsagainst U. S . 42 Stat. 1066 . 31 U. S. C., Supp. V, 1215 notes et seq. Post,p. 846 . 55 Stat. 875. 31 U. 8. 0., Supp. V, i 82b-82e. or activities of the War Assets Administration: Provided further, That the Administration may procure by contract or otherwise and furnish to Governmental employees and employees of Government contractors at the reasonable value thereof food, meals, subsistence, and medical supplies, emergency medical services, quarters, heat, light, household equipment, laundry service and sanitation facilities, and erect temporary structures and make alterations in existing structures necessary for these purposes, when such employees are engaged in the disposal of surplus property, or in the preparation for such dis- posal, at locations where such supplies, services, equipment, or facili- ties are otherwise unavailable, the proceeds derived therefrom to be credited to this appropriation: Provided further, That the provisions of subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1) of section 14 (a) of the Fed- eral Employees Pay Act of 1946 (Public Law 390) shall not apply with respect to officers and employees of the War Assets Adminis- tration OCFTIC FOR EXERGEfrCY MANAGEMEINT-GENERAL PROVISIONS (a) The head of any constituent agency may delegate to any official in such agency the authority to make appointments of personnel and he may also delegate to any official in the agency of which he is the head the authority to make other determinations necessary for the conduct of the administrative management within such agency. (b) Any employee of any of the constituent agencies is authorized, when designated for the purpose by the head of such agency, to ad- minister to or take from any person an oath, affirmation, or affidavit, when such instrument is required in connection with the performance of the functions or activities of such agency. (c) The head of any of the constituent agencies is authorized, in connection with the operations of such agency, to consider, ascertain, adjust, determine, and certify claims against the United States in accordance with the Act of December 28, 1922 (31 U. S . C . 215), and to designate certifying officers in accordance with the Act of December 29, 1941, or to delegate authority to the head of any other agency to designate employees of such agency as certifying officers to certify vouchers payable against the funds of the constituent agency concerned. OFFICE OF PRIOE ADIDMNIITRATION Pot p. 918. Salaries and expenses: For all necessary expenses of the Office of 56 stat., 7u. Price Administration in carrying out the provisions of the Emergency v, app. § o9-946, Price Control Act of 1942, as amended by the Act of October 2, 1942 Ante, pp. 57, 214; (50 U. S. C. App. 901), and the provisions of the Act of May 31, 1941 P'.t "' upp (55 Stat. 236), as amended by the Second War Powers Act, 1942 (50 Vopp^ ,t U. S. C. App. 622), and Acts amending or supplementing such Acts, v0 U. S . c., spp. and all other powers, duties, and functions which may be lawfully Ante, pp. 63 4 46. delegated to the Office of Price Administration, including personal pot, p. 868 services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; lawbooks, books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; expenses of in-service training of employees, including salaries and traveling expenses of instructors; m.ployment of not to exceed $55,000 for the employment of aliens; not to exceed $30,000 for the temporary employment of persons or organizations, 41U. :S. '. by contract or otherwise, without regard to section 3709, Revised Statutes, or the civil-service and classification laws; contract steno- graphic reporting services without regard to said section 3709; witness ees; printing and binding (not to exceed $790,290, which limitation shall not apply to the printing of forms prescribed for use of trade or public, instructions, regulations, coupon books, price lists, and printing TtetpuraSI . required for the conduct of litigation); not to exceed $300,000 for [60 STAT.