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PUBLIC LAWS-OH. 595--JULY 24, 1946 the expansion of local facilities at Federal expense, and for contri- butions by the Federal Government to cover the increased cost to local agencies of providing the additional services required by the Government: 59 stat. 10 . River and Harbor Act of March 2, 1945, Public Law Numbered 14, v, 1 603Mab.8P"' Seventy-ninth Congress: An, p. 6. Columbia River at Umatilla, Oregon. Texas. Neches and Angelina Rivers, Texas. Idaho. Snake River to Lewiston, Idaho. PrelimJir exams- Sxc. 7 . The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to ts and urveys cause preliminary examinations and surveys to be made at the follow- ing-named localities, the cost thereof to be paid from appropriations heretofore or hereafter made for such purposes: Provided, That no preliminary examination, survey, project, or estimate for new works other than those designated in this or some prior Act or joint resolu- Supplemental re- tion shall be made: Providedfurther,That after the regular or formal ports, et., restriction reports made as required by law on any examination, survey, project, or work under way or proposed are submitted no supplemental or additional report or estimate shall be made unless authorized by law: Adopta of proj- Provided further, That the Government shall not be deemed to have entered upon any project for the improvement of any waterway or harbor mentioned m this Act until the project for the proposed work on= D etSsurveyE shall have been adopted by law: Provided further, That reports of surveys on beach erosion and shore protection shall include an estimate of the public interests involved, and such plan of improvement as is found justified, together with the equitable distribution of costs in each Noninterferen case: And provided further, That this section shall not be construed to interfere with the performance of any duties vested in the Federal Power Commission under existing law: Massachusetts. Lynn Harbor, Massachusetts. Cuttyhunk Harbor, Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. Bullocks Point Cove, Rhode Island. Dutch Island Harbor, Rhode Island. Connecticut. Cove Harbor and Cove Pond, Connecticut. Patchogue River, Connecticut. Connecticut River, Connecticut. Harbor at Pine Orchard, Branford, Connecticut. Greenwich Cove, Connecticut. New York. Sag Harbor, New York. East Basin of Mamaroneck Harbor, New York. Gardiners Bay, New York. Milburn Creek, Swift Creek, and adjacent bays and channels, New York. Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, New York, with a view to the elimination of the water chestnut. Rondout Harbor, New York. NewJesey. Shoal Harbor and Compton Creek, New Jersey. Cold Spring Inlet (Cape May Harbor), New Jersey, with a view to shore protection. Pe sensyha and Delaware River between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Trenton, New Jersey. Perse . D Ne Delaware River, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Phila- delphia to the sea. Pennsylvania. Pennypack Creek, a tributary of the Delaware River located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a view to providing facilities for light-draft navigation. 638 [60 STAT.