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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 615, 616 -JULY 24, 1946 Filing of financial statement by corpo- ration. Submission of an- nual budget. Restriction on ex- penditures. Use of bridge by U. S . employees. July 24,1946 _H. J . Res. 336] [Public Law 644] Cotton marketing quotas. 52 Stat. 55 . 7U.S.C., Supp.V, f 1344. and appurtenances located in the State of Iowa and shall likewise transfer to the State of Nebraska all of the right, title, and interest held by said corporation in and to that portion of said bridge and its approaches, rights, rights-of-way, and appurtenances located in the State of Nebraska. Upon acceptance by each of said States of the portion of said bridge and its approaches located therein the trustee- ship of said Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation under the terms of the afore-mentioned agreement shall cease and the corporation shall thereupon cease the collection of tolls and release the respective por- tions of said bridge and approaches thereto, rights, rights-of-way, and appurtenances to the States of Iowa and Nebraska pursuant to the terms of said agreement and as provided in this Act. Said States shall thereafter maintain and operate said bridge and approaches free of tolls. "SEc. 11 . The corporation shall at the close of each year during its trusteeship file with the highway departments of the States of Nebraska and Iowa a sworn financial statement of its operation of the said bridge during such year. Such statement shall show funds on hand and indebtedness at the beginning and at the end of the year, receipts, disbursements, indebtedness retired during the year, and any other information required by either of said departments to show the true and complete accounting of revenues, expenditures, and finan- cial status and operation of such bridge and approaches thereto. "SEC. 12. The Nebraska-Iowa Bridge Corporation shall prepare and submit an annual budget of estimated operating and other expendi- tures for or on behalf of said bridge and approaches at the beginning of each year, and such budget shall be subject to approval by the high- way departments of the States of Nebraska and Iowa before becoming effective. Expenditures during any year shall not exceed the approved budget unless an increase in the annual budget be likewise approved by said departments. "SEC. 13. No toll or other charge shall be levied against any official or employee of the United States, civil or military, or any vehicle or conveyance of the United States for the use of such bridge in the per- formance of official duties." Approved July 24, 1946. [CHAPTER 616] JOINT RESOLUTION Relating to cotton marketing quotas under the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938, as amended. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representative. of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That notwithstanding the provisions of sections 341-350, inclusive, of the Aricultural Adjust- ment Act of 1938, as amended (U. S . C 1940 edition, title 7, sees. 1341 to 1350, inclusive), and in view of the critical shortage of fats and oils and protein feeds, cotton marketing quotas shall not be pro- claimed with respect to the marketing year beginning August 1, 1947, and no National, State, county, or farm acreage allotments for cotton for the 1947 crop shall be established. Approved July 24, 1946. [60 STAT. 662