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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 671-JULY 25, 1946 thereunder shall be applicable with respect to such commodity without regard to this paragraph (8). Milk. "(D) In the case of milk, the Board may consider and determine decontrol or recontrol on a regional basis. Resdtablihment of "(9) The Price Decontrol Board shall also have power to determine, when maximum prices are in effect with respect to any commodity listed in paragraph (8) (A), whether any subsidy or any part thereof in effect prior to June 30, 1946, shall be reestablished in whole or in RF, etc. , limitation. part; and the powers of the Administrator, the Commodity Credit Corporation, and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to pay subsidies in connection with such commodity shall be limited in accord- Me of ance with any order of the Board. maximum price for "(10) Whenever maximum prices are in effect for any commodity m factued com- processed or manufactured in whole or substantial part from any commodity listed in paragraph (8) (A) with respect to which max- imum prices are not in effect, no maximum price, and no margin, mark-up, or discount, shall be maintained with respect to such proc- essed or manufactured commodity which does not return to the processors, manufacturers, and distributors thereof (A) the raw mate- rial cost (which must be computed at least once every sixty days at not less than the current cost), (B) the conversion or distribution cost, and (C) a reasonable profit. "(f) SAVING PROVIsION.-Nothing in this section shall limit the Administrator's authority to remove maximum prices for any non- agricultural commodity, or any agricultural commodity with the approval of the Secretary of Agriculture, at an earlier time than would be required by this section, if in his judgment or in the judg- ment of the Secretary of Agriculture, as the case may be, such action f petition by would be consistent with the purposes of this section. industry advisory "(g) PETMrONS FOR DECONTROL.- (1) If in the judgment of the committee. industry advisory committee appointed by the Administrator in 5sou.ts., Supp. accordance with section 2 (a) of this Act to advise and consult with V,app. §902(a). respect to a commodity, the standards set forth in this section require PostP.. the removal of maximum prices for such commodity, it may file a Nonadrieultural petition for the removal of such maximum prices. In the case of any nonagricultural commodity, such petition shall be filed with the Administrator in accordance with regulations prescribed by him. mAoulrti r omm- In the case of agricultural commodities, such petition shall be filed with the Secretary of Agriculture in accordance with regulations prescribed by him and shall request that he make an appropriate certification or recommendation to the Price Administrator. The petition shall specifically state the grounds upon which the com- mittee believes such action to be required and shall be accompanied by affidavits or other written evidence in support thereof. cion on ttion. "(2) Within fifteen days after receiving a petition filed in accord- ance with the provisions of this subsection, the Administrator or the Secretary of Agriculture, as the case may be, shall either grant the Antep.. petition or inform the committee in writing why in his judgment earg the standards for decontrol stated in subsections (d) and (e) have not been satisfied with respect to the commodity involved. If the petition is not granted in full, the Administrator or the Secretary, as the case may be, shall, within ten days after the receipt of a request by the committee for further consideration of its petition, hold a hearing before himself or before a deputy administrator (or, in the case of the Secretary, before such officer as he may designate) at Noticetodetd which the committee may present its argument in support of the conmmittee. petition. The Consumers Advisory Committee and the Labor Advisory Committee appointed by the Administrator shall be given [60 STAT.