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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 672-JULY 26, 1946 the purchase of not to exceed twelve passenger automobiles, $1,985,900. National Institute of Health, operating expenses: For the activities of the National Institute of Health, not otherwise provided for, including research fellowships and grants for research projects pur- 58sstat. 691. suant to section 301 of the Act; the regulation and preparation of v §241. .' P. biologic products; the purchase of three passenger automobiles; the Ante. purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms for the guard force; and maintenance of buildings, $5,966,948. 58Stat. 707. National Cancer Institute, operating expenses: To carry out the v, § 28-286.' pp. purposes of title IV of the Act, $1,772,000. Post, p. 914. Commissioned officers, pay, and so forth: For pay, uniforms and subsistence allowances, increased allowances for foreign service and commutation of quarters for not to exceed one thousand and twenty- one regular active commissioned officers; for retired pay of regular and reserve commissioned officers; and for six months' death gratuity pay and burial payments for regular commissioned officers, $5,318,400. Training for nurses: For continuing in training student nurses enrolled prior to October 16, 1945, under the provisions of the Act 57Stat.153. of June 15, 1943 (Public Law 74, as amended), $16,300,000, of which , app. C. 145s462. not to exceed $436,777 shall be available for administrative expenses, Transferoffunds. including printing and binding and travel: Provided,That this appro- priation is hereby made available for transfer to and consolidation with appropriations of Saint Elizabeths and Freedmen's Hospitals, in such amounts as may be deemed necessary by the Federal Security Administrator, to cover the cost of items furnished to student nurses in training under plans approved for such hospitals in accordance with said Act. Salaries and miscellaneous expenses: For the divisions and offices of the office of the Surgeon General and for miscellaneous and contingent expenses of the Public Health Service not appropriated for elsewhere, including the supervision of sanitary engineering and dental oper- Station at Cincin- ations of the Public Health Service; maintenance and operation of the nati, Ohio. water and sanitary investigations station at Cincinnati, Ohio; surveys and investigations concerned with problems of pollution of the waters of lakes and rivers of the United States; collecting and compiling mortality, morbidity, and vital statistics; preparing information, articles, and publications related to public health; conducting studies and demonstrations in public health methods; nominal compensation of collaborating epidemiologists and others; purchase of fifteen pas- senger automobiles; and allowances for living quarters, including fuel heat, and light, as authorized by the Act approved June 26, 1930 46 Stat. 818. (5 U. S. C. 118 (a)) ; $1,931,625. Development of health facilities: To enable the Surgeon General, either independently or in cooperation with public and private agen- cies, including individuals, to make studies, investigations, and sur- veys and to furnish advisory assistance and consultative services regarding the need for, kind, location, design, construction, organi- zation, equipment, operation, and administration of health and sanitation facilities, including the purchase of fifteen passenger automobiles, $259,043. Mission to Liberia. Office of International Health Relations: To enable the Surgeon General to coordinate and carry out the activities of the Public Health Service in connection with international health work and the Public Health Service mission to Liberia, including the purchase of two passenger automobiles, and not to exceed $750 for entertainment of officials of other countries when specifically authorized by the Surgeon General, $290,700. 692 [60 STAT.