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698 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 672-JULY 26, 1946 60 STAT. private agencies, including individuals, for services or facilities ren- dered or furnished pursuant to agreement approved by the Com- mission; the furnishing of medical and hospital services and supplies, treatment, and funeral and burial expenses, including transportation and other expenses incidental to such services, treatment, and burial, to such enrollees of the Civilian Conservation Corps as were certified by the Director of such Corps as receiving hospital services and treat- ment at Government expense on June 30, 1943 and who are not otherwise entitled thereto as civilian employees of the United States, 5 U. S C. 5 751- and the limitations and authority of the Act of September 7, 1916, as 791,793;Supp.V ,§751 amended (5 U. S. C. 796), shall apply in providing such services, d seq. treatment, and expenses in such cases; $11,100,000. citationotitle. This title may be cited as the '"Employees' Compensation Com- mission Appropriation Act, 1947". National Labor R- TITLE IV-NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD priation Act, 1947. Salaries: For three Board members of the National Labor Rela- tions Board and other personal services of the Board in the District of Columbia and elsewhere necessary in performing the duties authorized by law, $2,991,000. Miscellaneous expenses: For all necessary expenses, other than salaries, of the National Labor Relations Board in performing duties authorized by law, including repairs and alterations; contract sten- ographic reporting services; reimbursement to employees, at not to exceed 3 cents per mile, for expenses of travel performed by them in privately owned automobiles within the limits of their official sta- tions in the field; lawbooks; books of reference; and periodicals; $895,000. Penalty mail costs: For deposit in the general fund of the Treas- ury for cost of penalty mail of the National Labor Relations Board 8 Stat. 394. as required by section 2 of the Act of June 28, 1944 (Public Law 39U.S.C., Supp. 364),20 ,500. v, 321d. 364),$20,500. Printing and binding: For printing and binding for the National Labor Relations Board $163,000. Unfiled complaint No part of the funds appropriated in this title shall be used in any way in connection with a complaint case arising over an agreement, or a renewal thereof, between management and labor which has been in existence for three months or longer without complaint being filed Notlce of ageo- by an employee or employees of such plant: Provided, That, here- after, notice of such agreement or a renewal thereof shall have been posted in the plant affected for said period of three months, said notice containing information as to the location at an accessible place of such agreement where said agreement shall be open for inspection by any interested person: Provided further, That these limitations shall not apply to agreements with labor organizations formed in 49Stat.452. violation of section 158, paragraph 2, title 29, United States Code: Provided further, That no part of the funds appropriated in this title shall be used by the National Labor Relations Board in any way in connection with the performance of the duties imposed upon it by 57 Stat. 63 . the War Labor Disputes Act (50 U. S . C. App. 1501-11) : Provided v, app. S1501-in. further, That no part of the funds appropriated in this title shall be available to organize or assist in organizing agricultural laborers, or used in connection with investigations, hearings, directives, or orders concerning bargaining units composed of agricultural laborers as 29. s. . 11 52(3). referred to in section 2 (3) of the Act of July 5, 1935 (49 Stat. 450) 29 U..C. 203(f). and as defined in section 3 (f) of the Act of June 25, 1938 (52 Stat. 1060). citation of title. This title may be cited as the "National Labor Relations Board Appropriation Act, 1947".