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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 709-JULY 31, 1946 and up to and including $250, plus (C) 1 per centum of the sum of (A) plus (B) multiplied by the number of years after 1936 in each of which the compensation, wages, or both, paid to him will have been equal to $200 or more; if the basic amount, thus computed, is less than $10 it shall be increased to $10; "(ii) for an employee who will have been completely insured solely by virtue of paragraph (7) (iii): the sum of 40 per centum of his monthly compensation if an annuity will have been pay- able to him, or, if a pension will have been payable to him, 40 per centum of the average monthly earnings on which such pension was computed, up to and including $75, plus 10 per cen- tur of such compensation or earnings exceeding $75 and up to and including $250. If the average monthly earnings on which a pension payable to him was computed are not ascertainable from the records in the possession of the Board, the amount computed under this subdivision shall be $33.33, except that if the pension payable to him was less than $25, such amount shall be four-thirds of the amount of the pension or $13.33, whichever is greater. The term 'monthly compensation' shall, for the pur- poses of this subdivision, mean the monthly compensation used in computing the annuity; "(iii) for an employee who will have been completely insured under paragraph (7) (iii) and either (7) (i) or (7) (ii): the higher of the two amounts computed in accordance with sub- divisions (i) and (ii)." SEC. 214. Section 8 is amended by striking out the word "monthly" each time it appears; by substituting for the phrase "Any such return" the phrase "The Board's record of the compensation so returned"; by substituting for the phrases "earned by" and "be earned by" the phrases "paid to" and "will have been paid to", respectively; by insert- ing after the phrase "the fact that" the phrase "the Board's records show that"; and by substituting for the terms "month" and "calendar month" the word "period". SEC. 215. Section 11 is amended to read as follows: "Decisions of the Board determining the rights or liabilities of any person under this Act shall be subject to judicial review in the same manner, subject to the same limitations, and all provisions of law shall apply in the same manner as though the decision were a determi- nation of corresponding rights or liabilities under the Railroad Unem- ployment Insurance Act except that the time within which proceedings for the review of a decision with respect to an annuity, pension, or lump-sum benefit may be commenced shall be one year after the decision will have been entered upon the records of the Board and communicated to the claimant." DIVISION III The Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act is amended as follows: SEC. 301. (a) Subsection 1 (h) is amended by inserting after the phrase "last preceding registration period" the phrase "which began with a day for which he registered at an employment office". (b) Subsection 1 (h) is further amended by adding the following sentence: "The term 'registration period' means also, with respect to any employee, the period which begins with the first day with respect to which a statement of sickness is filed in his behalf in accordance with such regulations as the Board may prescribe, or the first such day after the end of a registration period which will have begun with a day with respect to which a statement of sickness was filed in his behalf, and ends with the thirteenth day thereafter." 735 "Monthly compen- sation. " 50 Stat. 313. 45U..8 . 228h; Supp. V, 1 228h note. 50 Stat. 315. 45U.8. .. 228k. Decisions subject to judicial review. 52 Stat. 1094. 45U. .c.. 351- 367; Supp. V, | 351 et seq. Ante, p. 722; infra. 54 Stat. 1094. 45 U. 82C. S 351 (h). Infra. " Registration pe- riod."