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760 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 724-AUG. 1, 1946 Determination of payments may be made under such contracts. The President shall determine at least once each year the quantities of fissionable material to be produced under this paragraph. (3) OPERATION OF OTHER PRODUCTION FACILTTIEs.- Fissionable material may be produced in the conduct of research and develop- ment activities in facilities which, under paragraph (1) above, are not required to be owned by the Commission. (d) IRRADIATION or MATERIALS.- For the purpose of increasing the supply of radioactive materials the Commission and persons lawfully producing or utilizing fissionable material are authorized to expose materials of any kind to the radiation incident to the processes of producing or utilizing fissionable material. (e) MANrFACTruRE OF PRODUCTION FAcILrrIEs. -Unless authorized by a license issued by the Commission, no person may manufacture, produce, transfer, or acquire any facilities for the production of Liensesfissionable material. Licenses shall be issued in accordance with such procedures as the Commission may by regulation establish and shall be issued in accordance with such standards and upon such conditions as will restrict the production and distribution of such facilities to effectuate the policies and purposes of this Act. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to require a license for such manufacture, pro- duction, transfer, or acquisition incident to or for the conduct of research or development activities in the United States of the types specified in section 3, or to prohibit the Commission from manufac- turing or producing such facilities for its own use. CONTROL OF MATERIALS SEC. 5. (a) FISSIONABLE MATERIALS. - (1) DFINITION. -As used in this Act, the term "fissionable material" means plutonium, uranium enriched in the isotope 235, any other material which the Commission determines to be capable of releasing substantial quantities of energy through nuclear chain reaction of the material, or any material artificially enriched by any of the foregoing; but does not include source materials, as defined in section 5 (b) (1). (2) GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP OF ALL FISSIONABLE MATERIAL.- A ll right, title, and interest within or inder the jurisdiction of the United States, in or to any fissionable material, now or hereafter produced, shall be the propertv of the Commission, and shall be deemed to be vested in the Commission by virtue of this Act. Any person owning any interest in any fissionable material at the time of the enactment of this Act, or owning any interest in any material at the time when such material is hereafter determined to be a fissionable material, or who lawfully produces any fissionable material incident to privately financed research or development activities, shall be paid Just com- pensation therefor. The Commission may, by action consistent with the provisions of paragraph (4) below, authorize any such person to retain possession of such fissionable material, but no person shall have any title in or to any fissionable material. (3) PROHIBITIoN. -It shall be unlawful for any person, after sixty days from the effective date of this Act to (A) possess or transfer any fissionable material, except as authorized by the Commission, or (B) export from or import into the United States any fissionable material, or (C) directly or indirectly engage in the production of any fissionable material outside of the United States. (4) DIsTRmBUTON OF FISSIONABLE MATERIAL.- Without prejudice to its continued ownership thereof, the Commission is authorized to distribute fissionable material owned by it, with or without charge, Research. to applicants requesting such material (A) for the conduct of research or development activities either independently or under contract or [60 STAT.