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79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 736-AUG. 2, 1946 (d) After a project area redevelopment plan shall have been adopted by the Planning Commission and approved by the District Commis- sioners, the Planning Commission shall forthwith certify said plan to the Agency, whereupon said Agency shall proceed to the exercise of the powers granted to it in this Act for the acquisition and assem- bly of the real property of the area. Following such certification, no new construction shall be authorized by the District Commissioners in such area, including substantial remodeling or conversion or rebuilding, enlargement or extension or major structural improve- ments on existing buildings, but not including ordinary maintenance or remodeling or changes necessary to continue the occupancy. TRANSFER, LEASE, OR SALE OF REAL PROPERTY IN PROJECT AREA FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE USES SEC. 7. (a) After the real property in the project area shall have been assembled by the Agency, the Agency shall have the power to transfer to and shall at a practicable time or times transfer by deeds to the United States or to the District of Columbia, or to the appro- priate Federal or District public body, department, or agency, those pieces of real property which, in accordance with the approved project area redevelopment plan, are to be devoted to public uses (other than public housing) falling within the construction or administrative jurisdiction of Federal or District agencies, such as streets and other utilities and works, Federal and District public buildings, public recreational spaces, and schools. The Federal agencies and the public agencies of the District of Columbia are hereby empowered, respec- tively, to acquire real property from the Agency for the uses respec- tively specified in the project area plan and to pay for same out of their funds duly appropriated for such acquisition. Excepting for such property as may be transferred by dedication, gift, or exchange, the transferee agency shall pay to the Agency such sum as may be agreed upon or, in the absence of agreement, as may be fixed by the Chief Justice of the District Court of the United States for the Dis- trict of Columbia. (b) The Agency shall have the power to lease or sell the remainder of the project area as an entirety to a redevelopment company or to an individual or a partnership. Said remainder may include streets or parts thereof which in accordance with the plan are to be closed or vacated or other than publicly owned properties; and the Federal and District departments and agencies are empowered to transfer said spaces or properties to the Agency for such sums or other considera- tion as may be agreed upon. (c) Any such lease or sale may be made without public bidding but only after a public hearing, after ten days' public notice, by the Agency upon the proposed lease or sale and the provisions thereof. (d) The term of any such lease shall be fixed by the Agency and the instrument of lease may provide for renewals upon reappraisals and with rentals and other provisions adjusted to such reappraisals. Every such lease or sale shall provide that the lessee or purchaser shall carry out or cause to be carried out the approved project area redevelopment plan or approved modifications thereof and that no use shall be made of any land or real property included in the lease or sale nor any building or structure erected thereon which does not conform to such approved plan or approved modifications thereof. In the instru- ment, or instruments, of lease or sale, the Agency may include such other terms, conditions, and provisions as in its judgment will provide reasonable assurance of the priority of the obligations of the lease or sale and of conformance to the plan over any other obligations of the lessee or purchaser and also assurance of the financial ana legal ability Certification of plan. Public uses. Transfer of prop- erty. Acquisition of prop. erty from Agency. Lease or sale o re mainder. Term of lease, etc. 795 60 STAT.]