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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 736-AUG. 2, 1946 subsection shall be treated as an item of cost of the acquisition of the area. (i) In order to facilitate the lease or sale of a project area or, in the event that the lease or sale is of parts of an area, then to facilitate the leases or sales of such parts, the Agency shall have the power to, include in the cost payable by it the cost of the construction of local streets and sidewalks within the area or of grading and other local public surface or subsurface facilities necessary for shaping the area as the site of the redevelopment of the area. The Agency may arrange with the appropriate Federal or District agencies for the reimburse- ment of such outlays from funds or assessments raised or levied for such purposes. HOUSING FOR DISPLACED FAMILIES SEC. 8. (a) Prior to approval by the District Commissioners, pur- suant to subparagraph (2) of subsection 6 (b), of any redevelopment plan, the District Commissioners shall satisfy themselves (and shall so state at the public hearing required by such subparagraph) that decent, safe, and sanitary housing, substantially equal in quantity to the number of substandard dwelling units to be removed or demol- ished within the project area, under the proposed redevelopment plan, are available or will be provided (by construction pursuant to the redevelopment plan, or otherwise) in localities, and at rents or prices, within the reach of the low-income families displaced or to be dis- placed (temporarily or permanently), pursuant to the redevelopment plan, from the project area. (b) Families displaced by slum clearance or redevelopment under this Act shall be given preference as tenants to fill vacancies occurring in housing owned or operated within the District of Columbia by Federal or District of Columbia governmental agencies until appro- priate housing is available to such families. ACQUISITION OF PROPERTY FROM PROSPECIrVE LESSEE OR PURCHASER SEC. 9. As an aid in the acquisition of the real property of a project area, the Agency may accept a fund or, at an agreed value, any parcel or parcels of property within such area, from any redevelopment company or partnership or individual, subject to a provision that in the event the supplier of any such fund or the conveyor of such property shall become the purchaser of the project area or any part or parts thereof such fund or the agreed value of such property shall be credited on the purchase price of such area or part thereof and if there be an excess above the cost of acquisition of the area such excess shall be returned and that in the event that such supplier or conveyor does not become the purchaser of such area or any part thereof, the amount of the fund or the agreed value of such property (as the case may be) shall be paid to such supplier or conveyor. USE-VALUE APPRAISALS SEC. 10. After the Agency shall have assembled and acquired the real propert of a project area, it shall, as an aid to it in determining the rentals and other terms upon which it will lease or the price at which it will sell the area or parts thereof, place a use-value upon each piece or tract of land within the area which, in accordance with the plan, is to be used for private uses or for low-rent housing, such use- value to be based on the planned use; and, for the purpose of this use valuation, it shall cause a use-value appraisal to be made by two or more land-value experts employed by it for the purpose; but nothing contained in this section shall be construed as requiring the Agency to base its rentals or selling prices upon such appraisal. 797 Cost of street con- struction, etc. Reimbursement. Availability of safe housing. Preference as ten- ants.