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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG., 2D SESS.-CH. 753-AUG. 2 ,1946 813 Committee on Rules. Committee on Un-American Activities. Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Committee on Ways and Means. Sec. 122 . Delegates and Resident Commissioner. Sec. 123. Reference of Private Claims Bills. PART 3-PROVISIONS APPLICABLE TO BOTH HOUSES Po, P. 831. Sec. 131. Private bills banned. Sec. 132. Congressional adjournment. Sec. 133. Committee procedure. Sec. 134. Committee powers. Sec. 135 . Conference rules on amendments in nature of substitute. Sec. 136. Legislative oversight by standing committees. Sec. 137. Decisions on questions of committee jurisdiction. Sec. 138 . Legislative Budget. Sec. 139. Hearings and reports by Appropriations Committees. Sec. 140. Records of Congress. Sec. 141 . Preservation of committee hearings. Sec. 142. Effective date. TITLE II-MIsCELLANEOUS Potp.834 . PABT 1-STATUTORY PROVISIONS RELATING TO CONGRESSIONAL PERSONNEL Post, p. 834. Sec. 201. Increase in compensation for certain Congressional officers. Sec. 202. Committee staffs. Sec. 203. Legislative Reference Service. Sec. 204. Office of the Legislative Counsel. Sec. 205. Studies by Comptroller General. Sec. 206. Expenditure analyses by Comptroller General. Sec. 207. Correction of Military and Naval Records. PART 2-STATUTORY PROVISIONS RELATING TO COMMITTEES OF CONGRESS Pot, p. 837. Sec. 221. Improvement of Congressional Record'. Sec. 222. Joint Committee on Printing. Sec. 223. Joint Committee on the Library. Sec. 224. Transfer of functions. Sec. 225. Joint Committee on the Economic Report. Sec. 226 . Economic Report of the President. PART 3-PROVISIONS RELATING TO CAPITOL AND PAGES Pod, p. 838 Sec. 241. Remodeling of caucus rooms and restaurants. Sec. 242 . Assignment of Capitol space. Sec. 243. Senate and House pages. Sec. 244. Authorization of appropriations and personnel. Sec. 245. Effective date. TITLE III-REGULATION OF LOBBYING ACT Po, p.88 . Sec. 301. Short title. Sec. 302. Definitions. Sec. 303. Detailed accounts of contributions. Sec. 304. Receipts for contributions. Sec. 305. Statements to be filed with Clerk of House. Sec. 306. Statement preserved for two years. Sec. 307. Persons to whom applicable. Sec. 308. Registration with Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the House. Sec. 309. Reports and statements to be made under oath. Sec. 310. Penalties. Sec. 311. Exemption. TITLE IV-FEDERAL TORT CLAIMS ACT Post, p. _Pot. p . 842. PART I-SHORT TITLE AND DEFINITIONS Sec. 401. Short title. Sec. 402. Definitions. PART 2-ADMINISTRATIVE ADJUSTMENT OF TOBT CLAIMS AGAINST THE UNITED STATES Pb P.S Sec. 403. Claims of $1,000 or less. Sec. 404. Reports.