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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 753-AUG. 2 , 1946 shall recognize any member of the Rules Committee seeking recogni- Adverse reports. tion for that purpose. If the Committee on Rules shall make an adverse report on any resolution pending before the committee, pro- viding for an order of business for the consideration by the House of any public bill or joint resolution, on days when it shall be in order to call up motions to discharge committees it shall be in order for any Member of the House to call up for consideration by the House any such adverse report, and it shall be in order to move the adoption by the House of said resolution adversely reported notwith- standing the adverse report of the Committee on Rules, and the Speaker shall recognize the Member seeking recognition for that pur- pose as a question of the highest privilege. Contested-election "(d) The Committee on House Administration shall make final report to the House in all contested-election cases not later than six months from the first day of the first regular session of the Congress to which the contestee is elected except in a contest from the Territory of Alaska, in which case the time shall not exceed nine months. Meetings of stand- " (e) A standing committee of the House (other than the Committee mmittees of on Appropriations) shall meet to consider any bill or resolution pend- ing before it (A) on all regular meeting days selected by the com- mittee; (B) upon the call of the chairman of the committee; (C) if the chairman of the committee, after three days' consideration, refuses or fails, upon the request of at least three members of the committee, to call a special meeting of the committee within seven calendar days from the date of said request, then, upon the filing with the clerk of the committee of the written and signed request of a majority of the committee for a called special meeting of the committee, the com- mittee shall meet on the day and hour specified in said written request. It shall be the duty of the clerk of the committee to notify all mem- bers of the committee in the usual way of such called special meeting. Rules of standing "(f) The rules of the House are hereby made the rules of its stand- committees. ing committees so far as applicable, except that a motion to recess from day to day is hereby made a motion of high privilege in said committees." DELEGATES AND RESIDENT COMMISSIONER SEC. 122. Rule XII of the Standing Rules of the House of Repre- sentatives is amended to read as follows: "RULE XII "D ELEGATES AND RESIDENT COMMISSIONER pHwaEil.oAlaska, "1. The Delegates from Hawaii and Alaska, and the Resident Com- missioner to the United States from Puerto Rico, shall be elected to serve as additional members on the Committees on Agriculture, Armed Services, and Public Lands; and they shall possess in such committees the same powers and privileges as in the House, and may make any motion except to reconsider." REFERENCE OF PRIVATE CLAIMS BILLS SEC. 123. Paragraph 3 of rule XXI of the Standing Rules of the House of Representatives is amended to read as follows: "3. No bill for the payment or adjudication of any private claim against the Government shall be referred, except by unanimous con- sent, to any other than the following committees, namely: To the Committee on Foreign Affairs and to the Committee on the Judiciary." 830 [60 STAT.