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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 756-AUG. 2 , 1946 Repairs, etc., of vessels. Administration of liberated areas, etc. Students, etc., of Latin America. Missing property, rewards. Delegation of au- thority. 56 Stat. 359. 37 U. S. C., Supp. V, §§ 101-120. Ante, pp. 20, 343 et seq.; infra; post, p. 868. " Naval Establish- ment." " Naval personnel." "Personnel of the Naval Establish- ment." "Naval appropri- ations. " Graduates of schools of osteopathy. SEc. 37. The Secretary of the Navy is authorized in time of war and until the end of the first fiscal year thereafter to exceed the statutory limit on repairs and alterations of vessels, whenever he deems it necessary. SEC. 38 . The Secretary of the Navy is authorized, out of any naval appropriation made therefor, to provide for (1) the administration by the Navy of liberated and occupied areas; (2) expenses for special compensation and for travel and subsistence of officers and students of Latin American countries, and other expenses deemed necessary by the Secretary for Latin American cooperation; and (3) payment of rewards, not to exceed $500 in any one instance, for information leading to the discovery of missing naval property or the recovery thereof. SEC. 39. The authority conferred upon the Secretary of the Navy in this Act or in the Pay Readjustment Act of 1942, as now or here- after amended, except the authority to prescribe regulations, may be delegated by him to such persons in the Naval Establishment and to such extent as he may deem proper, with or without authority to make successive redelegations. SEC. 40. As used in this Act (a) the term "Naval Establishment" includes the Navy Department, the Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard while operating as a part of the Navy; (b) the term "naval personnel" includes al personnel of the Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard while operating as a part of the Navy, including per- sonnel of the Reserve components while on active duty, and personnel of the Coast and Geodetic Survey when serving with the Navy; (c) the term "personnel of the Naval Establishment' includes both civilian (departmental and field) and naval personnel; and (d) the term "Naval appropriations" includes all appropriations for the Naval Establishment, including those made for departmental purposes. SEC. 41. The President, in his discretion, is authorized to appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, graduates of reputa- ble schools of osteopathy as commissioned medical officers in the Navy, in such numbers as the President should determine to be necessary to meet the needs of the naval service for officers trained and qualified in osteopathy. TITLE II-AMENDMENTS TO THE PAY READJUSTMENT ACT 6 S^tat. 64. SEo 201. The third paragraph of section 10 of the Pay Readjust- v,§ o. ment Act of 1942 is amended to read as follows: Enlisted men. "Enlisted men entitled to receive allowances for quarters or sub- Alowpancwhilein sistence shall continue, while their permanent stations remain unchanged, to receive such allowances while sick in hospital or absent from their permanent-duty stations in a pay status: Provided, Nonaccrua That allowances for subsistence shall not accrue to such an enlisted man while he is in fact being subsisted at Government expense. Commnutati. Enlisted personnel not receiving allowances for subsistence shall be entitled to commutation in lieu of rations while on furlough or authorized leave or when authorized to mess separately, under such regulations and at such rates as may be prescribed by the head of the executive department concerned." 6 Stat. 34; 5 8 SEC. 202. The first paragraph of section 12 of the Pay Readjust- 37 U. . C., Supp. ment Act of 1942, as amended by section 9 of the Act o September MVg112. ', 1944 (37 U. S . C . 112), is amended to read as follows: foMa.e a ll owa nc . "Officers of any of the services mentioned in the title of this Act, including active and retired personnel of the Regular Establishments and members of the Reserve components thereof and the National Guard, while on active duty in the Federal service, when traveling 858 [60 STAT.