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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CH. 770-AUG. 7, 1946 REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 6. Investigation to determine whether any dams, water works, or other projects have been constructed in Clear Lake watershed, in the State of California, in violation of the water rights of the United States in California, and to render a report thereon (49 Stat. 1975). 7. Examinations and surveys, and to locate and construct irriga- tion works for storage, diversion, and development of waters, includ- ing artesian wells, and to report the results of such examinations and surveys, giving estimates of cost of all contemplated works, the quan- tity and location of the lands which can be irrigated therefrom, and all facts relative to the practicability of each irrigation project; also, the cost of works in process of construction, as well as those which have been completed (32 Stat. 388). 8. Cost account of all moneys expended on each irrigation project (36 Stat. 270; 38 Stat. 583). 9. Report of expenditures made during the fiscal year for relief of destitution of natives of Alaska (50 Stat. 584). 10. Annual report of the operations of the Geological Survey (20 Stat. 395). 11. Statement showing amount expended from the appropriation "Mineral leasing (year), Geological Survey", for the benefit of Indian tribes and Indian allottees (44 Stat. 487). 12. Report all temporary details to the District of Columbia of field employees of the Bureau made during each fiscal year (50 Stat. 603). 13. Report of all operations under section 5 of the Act of March 2, 1919, including receipts and disbursements (40 Stat. 1272). 14. Detailed information as to projects and expenditures under the "Federal aid to wildlife restoration fund" (50 Stat. 919). REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR 15. Report giving data relating to special statistical studies made by the Department of Labor for others upon payment of the cost thereof (48 Stat. 583; 53 Stat. 581). 16. The Secretary of Labor shall make a report to Congress, at the beginning of each regular session, giving a detailed statement showing (1) the name of every person for whom work has been performed under authority of this statute, (2) the nature of the services rendered to him, (3) the price charged for these services by the Department of Labor, and (4) the manner in which the moneys received were deposited or used (48 Stat. 582; 50 Stat. 259). REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE NAVY AND WAR 17. Detailed report of the Navy and War Departments' operations under section 10 of the Act entitled "An Act to provide more effectively for the national defense by increasing the efficiency of the Air Corps of the Army, and for other purposes" (44 Stat. 787). 18. Report required of the Secretary of the Navy or the Secretary of War, as the case may be, of exemptions on account of contracts or subcontracts for scientific equipment used for communication, target detection, navigation, and fire control, under the Act of March 27, 1934, as amended, relating to excess profits in connection with the construction of naval vessels or the procurement of aircraft (48 Stat. 505; 49 Stat. 1926; 53 Stat. 560). 19. That part of the report required of the Secretary of the Navy or the Secretary of War with respect to contracts in excess of $150,000 undertaken during the fiscal year for the expenditure of funds appro- priated by the Sixth Supplemental National Defense Act, 1942, or any other Act requiring the names of the persons who approved the specifications, consummated the making, or concluded the negotiations 867 Clear Lake water- shed, Calif. Irrigation works. 43 U. 8.. . 411. 2 U.. C.. 38L 43 U. . C. §47. 40 Stat. 1274 . 16U.S.C.I66j. Special statistical studies. 29 U.S.C . §9b. Supra. Aviation. 10U. S. C. 1310; Supp. V , §310 note. Post, p. 868 . 34 U.S. C. 1 496.