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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2 D SESS.-CH. 770-AUG. 7 , 1946 REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE 35. The Secretary of State shall annually lay before Congress a statement, in a compendious form, of all such changes and modifica- tions in the commercial systems of other nations, whether by treaties, duties on imports and exports, or other regulations, as shall have been communicated to the Department, including all commercial informa- tion contained in the official publications of other governments which he shall deem sufficiently important (section 208 of the Revised Statutes). 36. The Secretary of State shall annually lay before Congress a synopsis of so much of the information which may have been communi- cated to him by diplomatic and consular officers during the preceding year as he may deem valuable for public information, specifying the names of any consuls or commercial agents who may have been remiss in transmitting commercial information (section 208 of the Revised Statutes). 37. The Secretary of State shall annually lay before Congress a statement of the lists of passengers arriving in the United States from foreign places, returned to him quarter yearly by the collectors of customs (section 208 of the Revised Statutes). 38. The Secretary of State shall lay before Congress, within ten days after the commencement of each regular session, a statement containing an abstract of all the returns made to him pursuant to law, by the collectors of the different ports, of the seamen registered by them, together with an account of such impressments and detentions as shall appear by the protests of the masters to have taken place (section 207 of the Revised Statutes). REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY 39. That part of the annual report to the Congress required of the Comptroller of the Currency to exhibit (1) a summary of the state and condition of every national bank from which reports have been received the preceding year, at the several dates to which such reports refer, together with detailed information concerning its resources and liabilities; (2) a statement of the national banks whose business has been closed during the year; (3) proposed amendments to the banking laws; (4) information concerning the resources, liabili- ties, and condition of the banks organized under the laws of the several States and Territories; and (5) the names and compensation of the clerks employed in the Comptroller's Office and the amount of the expenses of the Bureau; also the requirement that the Comptroller's report to Congress shall be made "at the commencement of its session" (section 333 of the Revised Statutes, as amended). 40. Statement to the Speaker of the House of Representatives required to be included in the Comptroller of the Currency's annual report, of expenses incurred during each year, in liquidation of each failed national bank separately (32 Stat. 138). 41. Report of officers and administrative departments and offices of the Government delinquent in rendering or transmitting accounts to the proper offices in Washington, and such officers as were found upon final settlements of their accounts to have been indebted to the Government and who have failed to pay the amount of such indebted- ness into the Treasury of the United States (28 Stat. 209, as amended). 42. Submission of reports which may be made to the Secretary of the Treasury by the officers charged with the examination of the accounts of the Department of War and the Department of the Navy, respectively, showing the application of the money appropriated for those departments for the preceding year (section 260 of the Revised Statutes). 869 Changes in com- mercial systems of other nations. 5 U.S. C. 163. Post, p . 1035. Material for public information. Supra. Passengers arriving in U.S. Supra. Seamen. 46U.S. . 579. National banks, ete. 12U S..C. 14 . 12 U.S. C. 16. 6 U.S.C. S267. 6U.S.C.§2