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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 770-AUG. 7, 1946 43. Tabular statement required of the Secretary of the Treasury showing in detail the receipts and expenditures in the naval service under each appropriation, as made up and determined by the General Accounting Office, upon the accounts of disbursing officers rendered 5U.S.C. 2M for settlement (20 Stat. 167). 44. Report required of the Secretary of the Treasury to be appended to the tabular statement mentioned above of accounts and balances in the hands of disbursing agents at the close of each fiscal year, and sU..C. . 2M. a report of any amounts lost or unaccounted for by voucher (20 Stat. 167). 45. Transmission of accounts kept by certain officials of the Treasury Department of amounts expended under the head of con- tingent expenses for the several bureaus of the Department, and of all amounts paid for furniture and repairs of furniture and of the U5U.. C. c e. disposal of old furniture (section 262 of the Revised Statutes). 46. Report required by the Secretary'of the Treasury of adminis- tration of the functions with which he is charged under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, which report shall include the names and compensation of all persons employed under the provisions of nU.8. C. (2 that Act (49 Stat. 977). 47. Report of the number of persons employed, other than workmen and adjusters, and the compensation paid to each, at each mint and assay office, out of appropriations made for wages of workmen, 31. a.. . adjusters, and other employees (33 Stat. 657). 48. An abstract, in tabular form, of the separate accounts required to be kept of moneys received from internal duties or taxes in each of the respective States, Territories, and collection districts, and of the amount of each species of duty and tax that shall accrue (sections 29. 239 and 261 of the Revised Statutes, as amended). 49. Report required of the Secretary of the Treasury relative to leases of unoccupied and unproductive property of the United States under his control, for the leasing of which there is no authority under 40U .s. 1.a3. existing law (20 Stat. 383). 50. Annual report of the Comptroller of the Currency (32 Stat. 12 U.. C. 15. 138). REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF WAR 51. Report of all inspections made by the inspection department of the Army as to the necessity, economy, and propriety of all dis- bursements made by disbursing officers of the Army; also whether the disbursing officers of the Army comply with the law in keeping Du. 8 .a §17. their accounts and making their deposits (18 Stat. 83). 52. Statement of the cost of all types and experimental manu- facture of guns and other articles and the average cost of the several classes of guns and the other articles manufactured by the Govern- 60U. 8. 0. 4. ment (26 Stat. 320). 53. Report of the activities and expenditures of the Council of oU.s.8. 6. National Defense (39 Stat. 650). 54 Statement of expenditures at the Springfield Armory, Massa- chusetts, and the lock Island Arsenal? Illinois, and of arms, com- ponents of arms, and appendages fabricated, altered, and repaired, s0 U.s.C. 5 during the fiscal year ended June 30 (26 Stat. 320). 55. A detailed report of sales of any war supplies, material, lands, factories, or buildings, showing character of articles sold, price 40Uo. .1 311 received, and purpose for which sold (40 Stat. 850). 56. Hereafter the Secretary of War shall, within the limits of appropriations made from time to time by Congress, and in accord- ance with reasonable rules and regulations approved by him upon the recommendation of the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, in connection with the promotion and encouragement 870 [60 STAT.