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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS. -OH. 888-AUG. 8, 1946 "1. Any establishment desiring to undertake an on-the-job training Application. program will be required to submit to the appropriate State approv- ing agency a written application setting forth the course of training for each job for which a veteran is to be trained. The written appli- cation covering the training program will include the following: "a. Title and description of the specific job objective for which the veteran is to be trained. "b. Length of the training period. "c. Schedule listing various operations for major kinds of work or tasks to be learned and showing for each, job operations or work, tasks to be performed, and the approximate length of time to be spent on each operation or task. "d. Wage or salary to be paid at the beginning of the training program, at each successive step in the program, and at the completion of training. "e. Entrance wage or salary paid by the establishment to employees already trained in the kind of work for which the veteran is to be trained. "f. Number of hours of supplemental instructions required. "2. The appropriate approving agency of the State or the Admin- Approval istrator may approve the application of the establishment when such establishment is found upon investigation to have met or made pro- vision for meeting the following criteria: "a. The training content of the program is adequate to qualify the veteran for appointment to the job for which he is to be trained. "b. There is reasonable certainty that the job for which the veteran is to be trained will be available to him at the end of the training period. "c. The job is one in which progression and appointment to the next higher classification are based upon skills learned through organ- ized training on the job and not on such factors as length of service and normal turn-over. "d. The wages to be paid the veteran for each successive period of training are not less than those customarily paid in the establishment and the community to a learner in the same job and who is not a veteran and are in conformity with State and Federal laws and applicable bargaining agreements. e. The job customarily requires a period of training of not less than three months and not more than two years of full-time training. "f. The length of the training period is no longer than that cus- tomarily required by the establishment and other establishments in the community to provide the trainee with the required skills, arrange for the acquiring of job knowledge, technical information, and other facts which the trainee will need to learn in order to become competent on the job for which he is being trained. "g. Provision is made for related instruction for the individual veteran who may need it. "h. There is in the establishment adequate space, equipment, instructional material, and instructor personnel to provide satisfac- tory training on the job. "i. Adequate records are kept to show the progress made by the veteran toward his job objective and a periodic report showing the conduct and progress made in the course of training on the job will be provided for the Veterans' Administration. "j. Appropriate credit is given the veteran for previous job experi- ence, whether in the military service or elsewhere, his beginning wage adjusted to the level to which such credit advances him and his train- ing period shortened accordingly. No course of training will be considered bona fide if given to a veteran who is already qualified by training and experience for the job objective. 935