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60 STAT.] 79TH CONG. , 2D SESS.-CHS. 914, 915-AUG. 8, 1946 secondary Federal-aid highways which he finds, after investigation, have been damaged or destroyed by the recent seismic waves in the Territory of Hawaii: Provided,That in the case of war damage the Territory of Hawaii shall match the funds authorized to be appro- priated by this section to the extent that may be required by the Com- missioner of Public Roads, and that in all other cases the Territory shall make a contribution equal to that of the Federal Government: Providedfurther, That no part of the funds authorized to be appro- priated by this section shall be expended for any abandoned railroad right-of-way or part thereof that may be used in the restoration or reconstruction of any such road, highway, or bridge, or for any con- struction features on any such abandoned railroad right-of-way that may be used for or be incorporated in such restoration or reconstruc- tion work: And provided further, That the sum herein authorized to be appropriated by this section shall constitute full and complete provision for the relief of the Territory of Hawaii for all damages that may have been caused to roads, highways, and bridges therein by the Army or the Navy or their contractors in connection with prosecu- tion of the war or the national defense or caused by the recent seismic waves and no further claims on account of damage from such causes shall be made by said Territory or its subdivisions. SEc. 3. For the purpose of facilitating the rebuilding or repair of private homes, stores, or other structures damaged or destroyed by said seismic waves, the Secretary of the Interior (hereinafter called the "Secretary") is authorized to make loans to persons in the Territory of Hawaii in such amounts and upon such terms as the Secretary shall by regulation prescribe, including an agreement by the borrower to use the loan for the purpose herein prescribed; except that no such loan shall be made for a period of more than twenty years or in an amount in excess of $25,000 to any one borrower. The rate of interest upon each such loan shall be 3 per centum per annum, except that the Secretary may, in his discretion, defer the payment of interest upon any such loan for such a period not to exceed three years. All such loans shall be made, administered, and collected by the Secretary in such manner and through such agencies as he shall designate. For carrying out the purpose of this section there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $5,000,000, to be immediately available, and remain available until expended, of which not to exceed $25,000 shall be available annually for the payment of administrative expenses. All moneys received during a period of five years from the date of approval of this Act as repayment of any loan or interest on any loan made under the provisions of this section shall constitute a revolving fund from which loans may be made for the purpose and upon the terms herein provided, and all moneys received after said five-year period as payments of interest and principal on loans made under this section shall be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. Approved August 8, 1946. [CHAPTER 915] AN ACT To provide for the acquisition by exchange of non-Federal property within the Glacier National Park. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to accept title to any non-Federal lands, interests in lands, buildings, or other property, real or personal, within the authorized boundaries of the Glacier National Park, as 949 Matching of funds. Abandoned railroad right-of-way. Full relief for dam- ages. Loans for repair of homes, etc. Interest. Appropriation au- thorized. Administrative ex. penses. Revolving fund. AugOst 8, 1946 [H.R. 720] [Public Law 695] Glacier National Park. Exchange of prop- erty.