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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1002

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INDEX California-Continued Page Parker Dam power project, appropri- ation for ----- _-------------. 116, 474 Pasadena, transfer of certain real prop- erty to Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry, Department of Agriculture ---- _ --------- Sacramento River, appropriation for flood control------- --------- Salinas, transfer of lands in vicinity 536 690 of ---------------------------- 529 San Bernardino County, acquisition of land by Military Establishment, re- duction in appropriation --------- 22 San Diego- Naval training station, funds for -- 67, 383 Right-of-way for construction, etc., of water pipe line or lines, con- veyance by Navy Department, authorized-------------------- 39 Yuma project, appropriation for_ 116, 474, 699 California Debris Commission, appropria- tion for-_----------------------- 688 Camp Gillespie, San Diego County, Calif., right-of-way for construction, etc., of water pipe line or lines, conveyance by Navy Department, authorized------ 39 Canada: Ajax, Canadian-built dredge, etc., docu- mentation under laws of United States------------------------- 704 Hyder, Alaska, transportation of supplies and products of Riverside Mine by vessels of foreign registry; time limit ------------------------ 632 Insect pests and plant diseases, emer- gency outbreaks, appropriation for control of------- -------------- 536 International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada and Alaska and Canada, appropriation for------- ----------------- 117,286 International Fisheries Commission, appropriation for---------------- 286 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada, appropriation for---- -------------------- 117,285 International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, appropriation for---- 286 Iron ore, transportation in vessels of Ca- nadian registry, repeal of Act of January 27, 1942; effective date--- 451 Provisional Fur-Seal Agreement of 1942, termination date, repeal of provision of Act of February 26, 1944 ----- 450 Sockeye Salmon Fishery Act of 1947---- 511 Canal Zone. See also Panama Canal. Barro Colorado Island- T.- hr-rntfrV Unrnriati-;nn fr - 602 Canal Zone-Continued Page Barro Colorado Island-Continued Scientific study, etc., setting aside for, date of termination of emergency in interpretation of provision of Act of July 2, 1940 ---------- 453 Citizenship requirements, employees-_- 393, 570, 693 Civil government, appropriation for- _- 692 Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Ro- denticide Act, exclusion from ------ 164 Maintenance, etc., appropriation for___ 691 Military forces other than National Guard, maintenance, etc., repeal of provisions of National Defense Act of June 3, 1916 ---------------- 449 Retirement and disability fund, appro- priation for--------------------- 590 Sanitation, appropriation for--_ -- -- - 114, 692 Vessels, anchorage, movement, etc., authority respecting, date of termi- nation of emergency in interpreta- tion of provisions of Act of June 15, 1917 ------------------------- 454 War Department- Hours of employment and rates of pay of skilled, etc., personnel----- 570, 693 Panamanian citizens, employment of, restrictions, etc ---------- -570, 693 Canal Zone Code, Amendment, retirement, recomputation of annuity, etc ------ 743 Cancer Institute, National, funds for--- - 72, 270 Cancer Research, amount available to Atomic Energy Commission for----- 589 Cannonball Dam, appropriation for ----- 699 Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recrea- tional Area Project, appropriation for maintenance of structures- --- .. - 483 Cape Spartel and Tangier Light, Coast of Morocco, appropriation for contribu- tion---------------------------- 282 Capitol Buildings and Grounds: Maintenance, etc., appropriation for-- 27, 369 Police duty, details for------------ 368, 377 Regulations for use, authority of Capitol Police Board respecting promulga- tion--------------------------- 308 Capitol Grounds, parking spaces, repeal of Act of July 8, 1943--------------- 450 Capitol Police: Appropriation for--------------- 368, 696 Details to Capitol Grounds, etc----- 368, 377 Standards required ----------------- 377 Capitol Police Board: Authority respecting promulgation of regulations for use of U. S. Capitol Grounds, effective date, etc------ 308 Pay costs, increased, appropriation for- 27, 72 Capitol Power Plant, appropriation for operation, etc ------------------ 27, 370 XXI jLuvIabujry, ajjrivxliull av. ---- .-- - A-