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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1012

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INDEX Commodity Exchanges: Page Speculative trading, regulation of- Funds available to carry out legisla- tion respecting ------------- 942, 943 Voluntary agreements respecting ---- 945 Traders, publication of names, ad- dresses, etc-------------------- 941 Commodity Prices, Stabilization: Appropriations authorized ----------- 948 Conservation program for food and feed ------------------------- 947 Critical shortages, recommendations by President---------------------- 947 Delegation of authority by President- 946 Export controls, extension; price criteria in licensing of exports------------ 946 Food production projects in non-Euro- pean foreign countries, authority of Commodity Credit Corporation--- 947 Grain, use for production of distilled spirits, etc., for beverage purposes, time extension of authority of Pres- ident respecting ------------ - 946 Purposes of legislation, declaration of- 945 Transportation equipment and facilities, use by rail carriers, time extension of authority of President respecting_ 946 Voluntary agreements--------------- 945 Common Carriers. See Carriers. Communicable Diseases, funds for preven- tion and suppression of------- 72, 107, 268 Communications: Carriers, rendering of free communica- tion services to official participants in designated world telecommunica- tions conferences --------------- 83 Government, repeal of Post Roads Act of 1866----------------------- 327 War powers of President, date of termina- tion of emergency in interpretation of provisions of Act of June 19, 1934- 454 Communications Act of 1934: Experience requirement for radio opera- tors of cargo ships, repeal of Acts of July 8, 1941 and June 22, 1943; ef- fective date ------------------ 451 Protection of vessels in wartime, repeal of Act of December 29, 1942 - - - '450 Communications Commission, Federal. See Federal Communications Com- mission. Community Facilities, Bureau of. See under Federal Works Agency. Compacts, Interstate. See Interstate Com- pacts. "Company," inclusion of "successors and assigns" in construction of statutes_- 631 Comptroller General. See General Ac- counting Office. Conciliation Commissioners, Department Page of Labor, funds for ------------- 75,261 Conciliation Commissioners, U. S. Courts, appropriation for fees, etc --------- 304 Conciliation Service, United States. See Conciliation Service under Labor, De- partment of. Congress. See also House of Representa- tives; Legislative Branch of the Gov- ernment; Senate. Acts, formalities of enactment; repeals, etc--------------------------- 634 Acts or resolutions, rules of construc- tion-------------------------- 633 Allocations, certain, authority respecting termination------------------- 34, 323 Biographical Directory of the American Congress, compilation and prepara- tion, revised edition, appropriation for increased pay costs----------- 26 Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Govern- ment, establishment, authority, etc_ 246 Appropriation authorized----------- 247 Appropriation for----------------- 696 Experts, consultants, etc., procure- ment of services of; nonapplica- bility of designated provisions of law------------------------- 940 Report------------------------ Contracts, restriction on interest of Members- Exemption of certain---------- Reconstruction Finance Corporation contracts, applicability of desig- nated provisions of Criminal Code--------------------- -- District of Columbia Code and supple- ments, distribution of copies to- _ - Eightieth, second session, date of begin- ning ---------------------- Farm Island, transfer from Pierre, S. Dak., to State of South Dakota, consent to----------------- Greek-Turkish aid, authority respecting termination------------------- Interstate compacts, consent granted to- Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, compact between Pennsylvania and New Jersey concerning------------------- New England Interstate Water Pollu- tion Control Compact-------- Oil and gas conservation, extension and renewal ------------ Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact_- Labor-Management Relations, Joint Committee on. See separate title. 248 288 207 640 768 740 105 752 682 316 419 A XXXI