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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1039

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Foreign Commerce, Larceny in, shipping Page document as prima facie evidence of place of shipment ---------------- 52 Foreign Funds Control, appropriation for- 624 Foreign Mail Transportation: Appropriation for -------- 112, 231, 700, 701 Availability of appropriation for ex- penses of certain delegates------- 69 Transfer of funds to appropriation for- _ 112 Foreign Service, Department of State. See under State, Department of. Foreign Service Act of 1946, appropria- tion for carrying out provisions of-_- 113 Foreign Trade Agreements, funds for ef- fecting provisions of law relating to-- 280 Forest and Range Resources, manage- ment, etc., appropriation for------ 116, 466 Forest Diseases, transfer of funds to appro- priation for---------- ------ .. .- - _ 73 Forest Fires: Cooperation in suppression, etc., with- out matching of funds, repeal of provisions of Act of September 21, 1944-------------------------- 449 Fighting of, appropriation for------- _ 66, 464, 484, 538, 539 Prevention of, appropriation for- 484, 538, 539 Suppression, etc., on Indian lands_ 66, 466, 471 Forest Pest Control Act-------. -- - -- -- . 177 Forest Products on Public Lands, author- ity for disposal by Secretary of the Interior -------- _--- -- ---- _

681 Forest Reservation Commission, National, appropriation for------------ .-- -. 538 Forest Service. See under Agriculture, Department of. Forests, National. See National Forests. Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Ariz., museum, appropriation for support- 465 Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Mont., appropriation for ------- _..._-- - 467 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, N. Dak., Garrison Reservoir, lands for; deposit of funds; contract with United States, etc ---------- .--------.---- _--- 690 Fort Gibson, Okla., flood-control project, cooperation with city of Muskogee in protection of domestic water supply. 689 Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho: Irrigation projects, appropriation for-_ 467 Museum and shop, construction, appro- priation authorized- ----- _--_--_ 120 Fort Knox, Ky., bullion depository, appro- priation for ------------------- 223 Fort Landerdale, Fla., conveyance by Treasury Department of designated Coast Guard site, time extension- _ 54 Fort Leavenworth, Kans., Command and General Staff College: Appropriation for---------------. ..- 552 Appropriation rescission- .- -- -- --- - 5..72 Fort McHenry, Md.: Page Easement -------------------------- 212 Restoration, preservation, etc., date of termination of emergency in inter- pretation of Act of March 3, 1925- 453 Fort McIntosh, Laredo, Tex., transfer of certain property to U. S. Section, International Boundary and Water Commission, U. S . and Mexico------ 423 Fort Monroe Military Reservation, Va., assessments and collections from non- military interests ----------.-- - _ 561, 562 Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Mont., irri- gation projects, appropriation for---- 467 Fort Peck Project, Mont., appropriation for- 476 Fort Rosecrans, Calif., use of federally owned lands as national cemetery, authorized; appropriation authorized- 742 Fort Schuyler Military Reservation, N. Y., right of assumption and control by U. S ., date of termination of emer- gency in interpretation of Act of Aug. 19, 1937 ------------------ _ 452 Fort Worth, Tex., appropriation for treat- ment of patients at Public Health Service Hospital------------------ 269 Forts: Erection in emergency, date of termi- nation of emergency in interpreta- tion of Act of April 11, 1898 ------ 453 Purchase of lands for, assent of State legislature ------------ __-------_ 644 France, Aid to. See Foreign Aid Act of 1947. Francis Marion National Forest, S. C ., creation of game refuge---------- 516 Fraser River System, provision for protec- tion, etc., of sockeye salmon fishery- 511 Frechette, Charles J., payment to Menom- inee Indian Mills to credit of account of----------------------------- 455 Fredenberg, Herman J., payment to Me- nominee Indian Mills to credit of ac- count of ------------------------ 455 Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial Park, appropri- ation for aquisition of lands--------- 485 Freedmen's Hospital. See under Federal Security Agency. Fruit Brandies, blending of------------- 320 Fruit Crops and Diseases, funds for inves- tigations, etc------------------- 73, 533 Fruits, orders regulating handling, terms and conditions------------------- 707 Fuel: Synthetic liquid fuel demonstration plants, appropriation for -------- Testing of, recommendations to Gov- ernment departments and agencies. Fungicide Act. See Federal Insecticide, Fungicide. and RndAn+in,;A: A-4 . 480 480 LVIII INDEX I _- -


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