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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1042

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Government Corporations Appropriation Act, 1948-Continued Availability of funds-Continued Panama Railroad Company ..- _.. Prenciuradio, Inc ----------------. Production Credit Corporations_. _ Regional Agricultural Credit Corpora- tion of Washington, D. C- ---- State, Department of, designated sub- sidiaries ----- _ -- ____ .__ .. -_- Tennessee Valley Associated Coopera- tives, Inc ---.-----------. _--- Tennessee Valley Authority .-, -- - - Virgin Islands Company ------- _ Warrior River Terminal Company- _- Budget programs, amendment of provi- sions respecting; availability of funds----------.-------- --- --- Buildings, etc., wholly owned Govern- ment Corporations, transfer of title; final determination of property value by Federal Works Agency_-- Claims, funds available for payment--- Construction, etc., restriction on use of funds of wholly owned Government Corporations......


Federal Public Housing Authority, ap- propriation for------ ..----- General provisions ---------------- Applicability to Supplemental Gov- ernment Corporations Appropria- tion Act, 1948 ------- _---- Applicability to Federal Crop Insur- ance Corporation and Commod- ity Credit Corporation-------- Housing Expediter, appropriation for-- Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1948, applicability of provisions .- - Inter-American Affairs, Institute of, appropriation for ------

Inter-American Educational Founda- tion, Inc., appropriation for------ National Housing Agency, appropria- tion for---------------------- Overthrow of U. S. Government, restric- tion on employment of persons ad- vocating.--..------.. ----- --. .. State, Department of, appropriation for------------------------- Strikes against U. S. Government, re- striction on employment of persons engaging in, etc---------------- Tennessee Valley Authority, appropria- tion for-..----_---_...---....-- War Damage Corporation, payment to Treasury of the United States---- Government Corporations Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1948----------- Obligations incurred in anticipation of appropriations or authority, ratifi- cation and confirmation ..- - -- - - -. Page 576 583 580 580 582 576 576 581 581 584 584 583 583 575 583 516 550 574 583 575 575 575 584 575 583 574 579 514 703 Government Departments and Agencies. Page See also Government Employees. Accounts- Deficiencies in, notification of head of department; notice to obligors - 647 Monthly or quarterly, of fiscal officers, time limitation for settlement; suspension during time of war-__ 101 Alaska, utilization of rights-of-way for roads, etc., payment for value of crops, etc----_-----------__--- . 418 American Republics, cooperation with, transfer of funds from Department of State appropriation ---------- 287 Bonds, corporate surety, officers and em- ployees, payment of annual pre- mium as compliance with require- ment for renewal ------------- - 647 Checks, Government, rules and regula- tions for facilitating payment of certain----------

_ 308 Citizenship requirements, employees--- 393, 447, 570, 608, 693 Exemptions-- 292, 374, 394, 491, 548, 553 Water conservation and utilization projects, repeal of provision re- lating to employment of enemy aliens, etc------------------- 450 Claims- Administrative adjustment of certain, appropriations available to Gov- ernment departments, corpora- tions, etc-----------------. . Federal Tort Claims Act. See sep- arate title. Prosecution of, against U. S., non- applicability of designated pro- visions of law to service of certain Government employees as coun- sel, etc --- _____-........... Commission on Organization of Execu- tive Branch of the Government, furnishing information, etc., to---- Congressional Aviation Policy Board, Temporary, furnishing of facilities, personnel, etc., to------ __...... Contracts with United States, etc. See separate title. Defense articles or information, sale, disposition of receipts, repeal of pro- vision of Act of March 11, 1941___ Disbursing or other accountable officers, physical loss of Government funds, etc., relief; condition------------ Dollar-a -year men, employment, repeal of provision of Act of June 26, 1940- Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Ro- denticide Act, cooperation in carry- ing out provisions of------------ Fisheries, American, products of, limita- tion of term in construction of stat- utes------------------------- 71 133 248 677 450 720 449 172 634 INDEX LXI