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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1044

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INDEX Government Departments and Agencies- Continued United States Code Annotated, price limitation ---- ____--___--__--- Vehicles, cost limitation-------------- Government Employees. See also Govern- ment Departments and Agencies. Alaska- Meteorological observations, compen- sation for taking and transmit- ting.. _.................... Transportation on Army transports; limitation -------------------- Army Officers' Reserve Corps members, acceptance of Government employ- ment, pay and allowances, etc---- Citizenship requirements. See under Government Departments and Agencies. Disbursing or other accountable officers, physical loss of Government funds, etc., relief; condition -.---------. Enlisted Reserve Corps members- Government employment, acceptance of, pay and allowances, etc----- Military leave ----------------- Federal Bureau of Investigation, prohi- bition on use of funds for payment of civil-service employees--------- Greece, detail to, authorized; investiga- tion by Federal Bureau of Investi- gation ------------------------ Investigation of, transfer of funds for - Leave- Accumulation, etc., date of termina- tion of emergency in interpreta- tion of Act of Dec. 17, 1942 --- Lump-sum payments for, in certain cases, charge against designated appropriations -------------- Military, members of Enlisted Re- serve Corps----------------- National Guard members- Government employment, acceptance of, pay and allowances, etc----- Restoration to positions on relief from Page 609 608 301 423 239 720 239 238 291 103 696 453 188 238 239 duty ----------------------- 239 Naval Reserve members, restoration to positions on relief from duty ------ 239 Pay and allowances during periods of absence from duty, date of termi- nation of war in interpretation of Act of March 7, 1942------------ 453 Pay costs, increased, appropriations for- 26, 71 Waiver of certain restrictions on use of funds ---------------- 31, 76, 118 Personnel ceilings, nonapplicability of provisions to certain separated em- ployees----------------------- 188 Government Employees-Continued Page Plantations outside continental U. S., Army or Navy, employee benefits under civil-service laws, limitation to American nationals------------ 234 Political activities, pernicious. See sep- arate title. Postal Service. See separate title. Reconstruction Finance Corporation, contracts, bribes, etc., applicability of criminal provisions respecting__ 207 Retirement. See Civil Service Retire- ment Act. Seismographs, tending of, payment of extra compensation by Coast and Geodetic Survey---------------- 400 Senate disapproval of nomination, re- striction on payment to person after------------------------- 609 Strikes by, prohibition of------------- 160 Restriction on employment of persons engaging in, etc -------------- 23, 80,118,188,233,278,306,377,393, 447, 491, 549, 571, 583, 607, 627, 693, 703, 944. Travel provisions- Expenses on change of official sta. tion ----------------------- 594 Household goods and effects, transfer of-------------------------- 594 Living quarters allowances, appropri- ations available--------------- 609 Per diem allowances in lieu of subsist- ence expenses -------------- 608, 609 Witnesses on behalf of U. S - ---- --- 290 Turkey, detail to, authorized; investi- gation by Federal Bureau of Inves- tigation ---------------------- 103 Veterans- Points added to earned ratings, date of termination of war in interpreta- tion of provision of Act of June 27, 1944 ------------------------ 453 Preference eligibles, discharge, etc.; mandatory corrective action on recommendation of Civil Service Commission ------------------ 723 Restoration to former positions----- 608 Government Printing Office: Agriculture, Yearbook of, restriction on use of funds for ------------- 375, 376 Appropriation for ---------------- 183, 374 Congressional work, estimate of cost, inclusion in recommendation------ 376 Copies of Acts and resolutions in slip form, printing of additional number for House Committee on Judiciary- 639 Departmental work, payment for----- 376 LXIII , .