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Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 61 Part 1.djvu/1050

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Housing-Continued Housing and Rent Act of 1947-Con. Functions conferred by, exclusion from operation of Administrative Procedure Act --------------- Loans for financing manufacture of housing, insurance; conditions, etc.......................... Mortgage insurance, time extension of designated provisions ---------- Rents, maximum- Application of provisions--------- Damages, recovery by tenant --- Declaration of policy --- ____--- - Defense-rental areas, removal of maximum rents in, authority of Housing Expediter-------- Definitions -------------------- Effective date of provisions------- Emergency Price Control Act of 1942, termination of rent con- trol under------------------ Eviction of tenants, limitations and conditions ----------------- Housing Expediter- Administration of powers, func- tions, duties, etc -------- Appropriation authorized------- Appropriation for------------- Office of, extension _---------- Property, personnel, and appro- priations, use for carrying out duties, authorized ----- Past violations, certain alleged, limitation on maintenance of actions for---------------- Prohibition of excess rent, enforce- ment -----.------ _--------- Restriction on increases ------- Termination date of provisions re- specting---------------- Voluntary increase by mutual agree- ment between landlord and tenant; limitation----------- Separability of provisions-------.. - Veterans' Emergency Housing Act of 1946, repeal of designated pro- visions; continuance of prior allo- cations, etc., under------------ Veterans' preference, restrictions in order to assure--------------- Housing Expediter- Administration of powers, functions, etc.; extension of Office ------ Appropriation for Office of -------- RentControl, Office of, appropriation for_ Oaths, affirmations, or affidavits, administration, authority of employees ---------------- Labor, Department of, reduction in ap- propriation for veterans' housing-- 1'age 201 193 193 201 199 196 198 196 201 197 200 197 200 574 197 200 200 199 198 199 198 201 193 195 197 574 616 616 21 Housing-Continued Page l.ow -rent-housing projects, loans, grants, etc., in certain cases ----------- _ 704 National Capital Housing Authority- Appropriation for---------------- 28, 600 Red Cross, American National, build- ing for D. C . Chapter, transfer of property to Federal Works Ad- ministrator -----------------. 241 National Housing Act- Amendments- Insurance of financial institutions, time extension-------------- 182 Loans for financing manufacture of housing, insurance of-------- 193 Mortgage insurance- Aggregate amount, increase in_ 777, 945 Sale of housing by Government, etc., nonapplication of cer- tain limitations; condition- 777, 778 Time extension of designated pro- visions------------------- 193 Costs, estimates, approximation of actual costs of efficient building operations, requirement-------- 945 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, allocations of funds by, repeal of provisions respecting----------- 208 National Housing Agency- Administrative expenses, transfer of funds; payment of cost of termi- nal leave--------------------- 575 Administrator, Office of- Appropriation for ------------ 515, 575 National defense housing, tempo- rary shelter, reduction in ap- propriation----------------- 19 Appropriation for- -- 115, 515, 575, 579, 625 Reductions------------------ 19, 20, 21 Availability of funds-------------- 577 Damage claims, appropriation for -- 625 Non-farm housing projects, etc., transfer of functions to Public Housing Commissioner--------- 955 Penalty mail costs, appropriation for- 579 Reserve account, covering into mis- cellaneous receipts, date of ter- mination of emergency in inter- pretation of provision of Act of Oct. 14, 1940 added by Act of Feb. 18, 1946---------------- 454 Veterans' housing- Appropriation for -------------- 515 Delegation of functions, direction and supervision of Administra- tor------------------------ 515 Reduction in appropriation ------ _ 21 National Housing Council, composition and duties--------------------- 955 Public Housing Administration, trans- fer of functions to--------------- 955 INDEX LXIX